In Italy, a group of whitewater kayakers saved a drowning deer. 

Fabrizio “Gass” Capizzo, along with his fellow kayakers, were on Candigliano River located near San Marino in Italy. While the group was paddling their kayak boats, they saw a drowning deer nearby. 

In the video footage that Capizzo captured with his head-cam, the small deer could be seen drowning in the turbulent river. Capizzo and his fellow kayakers quickly went where the deer was. 

The group surrounded the drowning deer with the hopes of catching it and saving it. But the currents were so swift that the deer slid between them. The deer was then swept further downstream.

Capizzo did not hesitate and quickly turned his boat and chased the drowning deer. Though it was quite a struggle to get there, he managed to reach the deer. As soon as he got there, he attempted to grab hold of her before she slipped too far. And he successfully did it. 

He then placed the deer on his boat and towed her to the shoreline where she would be safe. As soon as they reached the shore, one of Capizzo’s friends pulled the waterlogged deer out of the water.

His friend, who was helping him, suggested that he would pull the deer by her horns. But Capizzo told him not to, so instead, the man carried the deer in his arms. 

After they successfully rescued the deer in the river, the group attempted to warm up the poor deer. After warming her up, the deer was finally able to stand up again and walk. 

The little deer soon walked away from the group. Right before it wandered off, one of the kayakers took a photo of the deer that they just rescued.  Thankfully, nobody was harmed during the whole rescue. And these great heroes saved a life!

Photo Credit to Fabrizio Capizzo

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