Dogs are fascinating and incredible creatures. These four-legged fur babies are truly life-savers. Take the dog in this story, for instance, he helped save her human’s life!

Diabetic alert dogs can detect blood sugar levels through their olfactory senses. And with enough training, these therapy dogs can surely help their handlers overcome Diabetes.

Dominique Trappio, at age 25, was unexpectedly diagnosed with Diabetes type 1. Her organs began to fail, and she nearly died because of the illness. 

When Trappio was admitted to the hospital, her blood glucose level was way beyond the normal blood glucose level. The ideal blood glucose level for a human being is somewhere between 80 to 120mg/dL, but hers is 800mg/dL, ten times the average blood glucose level. 

But soon, things will change for the better with the help of the Labrador, Bowie. Bowie is currently training to become a Diabetic alert dog. Diabetic alert dogs can detect changes in glucose levels 30 minutes faster than a continuous glucose monitor.

One of the things about Trappio’s case is her blood sugar levels drop when she sleeps. Once Bowie detects that her blood sugar levels are dropping he paws Trappio to inform her about it. Bowie is also trained to find help if his handler becomes non-responsive. 

Trappio partnered with Dylan’s Dogs For Diabetes to raise money for other people who may need a Diabetic alert dog. Trappio hopes that before she turns 30 years old, she will have Bowie as her official dog. 

Trappio named her dog Bowie, after the late actor, Chadwick Boseman, who played the Marvel superhero, Black Panther. She explained that she named Bowie after him because the dog is her hero, much like the actor. 

You can help Trappio in her cause by donating to Trappio’s GoFundMe or Dylan’s Dogs For Diabetes.

Photo Credit to Trappio

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