Are you planning on changing your dog’s food from dry to wet? Or maybe you are just here to look for better alternatives to your current wet dog food. Either way, we have the low down on the top wet dog foods for you doggo!

Key Features To Look For When Buying Wet Dog Food

  • Quality of the product
  • Quality & freshness of the ingredients used
  • Health benefits for your dogs
  • Pricing

Best Wet Dog Food

Overall Top Pick: Simply Perfection Super Premium Grain-Free Chicken-Salmon Dinner Canned Dog Food

This Premium Grain-Free Chicken-Salmon Dinner from Simply Perfection gives your beloved furbabies the tasty flavors of the land and the sea. It is made from premium quality ingredients with no added wheat, corn, rice or other grains. There are no additives – just the best tasty options.

It is, however, filled with flavors, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals to help keep your dog healthier. It doesn’t contain any soy or dairy to avoid allergies.

Key Features

  • Natural recipe features both real chicken and salmon
  • Omega 3 And 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and shiny coats
  • No artifical flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Meat first and grain-free
  • No wheat, corn, or soy

What Others Are Saying About Premium Grain-Free Chicken-Salmon Dinner from Simply Perfection

Puppies enjoying this brand and it didn’t mess with their tummies.”

“My dogs love all canned food, but they were wildly enthusiastic about this. My dogs also get raw and cooked meats and they still seem to consider this the tastiest food they have ever encountered.”

“I really like Simply Perfection’s chicken and salmon dinner for a couple of reasons. The consistency is a bit more loose and moist than typical canned dog foods. Our two old-timers really appreciate that–they have limited teeth and some dental issues, but easily and eagerly eat this. This flavor has a less intense fish smell than other salmon brands we’ve tried—perhaps because chicken and chicken livers are added, and they’re also main ingredients besides salmon and fish broth. Our three dogs like salmon, but too much of it and they turn up their noses. A blend of chicken and salmon is a great canned combination.”

I never heard of Simply Perfection pet products, but after seeing how much our three dogs enjoy this high quality food, we will be getting more.”

Consumer’s Top Pick: Purina Bella Single Serve Adult Wet Dog Food or Topper/Mixer in Savory Juices

With hundreds and hundreds of great reviews from consumers, the Purina Bella Single Serve Adult Wet Dog Food is our consumer’s top pick. Purina offers a wide selection of flavors for your dogs.

With this pack, you get two delicious flavor choices so you can switch between different tastes. This way, your dog will never get tired of their food. Each pack is filled with essential vitamins and minerals to support their overall health.

Key Features

  • Twenty-Four (24) 3.5 Oz. Trays – Purina Bella Bundle Of Joy With Filet Mignon & Porterhouse Steak Flavor In Savory Juices Variety Pack Dog Food
  • Formulated for small adult dogs
  • Supports health throughout the longer life expectancy of small dogs
  • Small-sized tray for small breed dogs
  • Blend of antioxidants to help support your small dog’s immune system

What Others Are Saying About Purina Bella Single Serve Adult Wet Dog Food

“This value pack has 2 flavors, Porterhouse Steak with the blue lid, and Filet Mignon with the pink lid. Despite the recommended portion of 1 or 2 trays a day, we cut each serving into 4ths, dice a portion up and top the kibble with it as a tasty topping. My dog eats every last morsel and licks the bowl clean. Her short black fur is glossy and lustrous and her skin is soft and supple without flakes. We’ll buy it for as long as she eats it!”

“My dogs love Bella. They know exactly what time they get fed and bark at me when I don’t move fast enough. They are mini dachshunds which probably explains the barking. I have noticed a difference in their coats, very shiny. I get compliments on how healthy they look from their vet to strangers. Also their breath is much better. Their vet suggested switching from dry to wet food. I chose Bella as I tried different wet foods to see what they liked best. Bella was hands down their favorite. I get the box from Amazon – filet mignon and porterhouse steak and then purchase the other flavors as add-ons. What a bargain, even better than the big, low price store. My dogs look good and love the flavors. When I feed them, the Bella dog food looks and smells good to me also. Bella has made a big change in their health.”

“Our vet told us to change to Bella for our little Bella, but she is a very picky eater due to being a rescue dog; however, she loves the filet mignon and porterhouse. Our local pet stores have stopped selling Bella so I was thrilled to find it on Amazon, in specifically the flavors I (she) wanted. This will be my future purchase point. Thanks.”

Top Variety Pick: Purina Beneful IncrediBites Adult Wet Dog Food Variety Pack

With the Beneful IncrediBites Wet Dog Food from Purina, you can be confident that you are giving your dogs the best-tasting food and maximum nutrition. With every bite, you can rest easy knowing that each ingredient used is fresh and of premium quality.

This dog food includes real farm-raised protein such as beef and chicken. It also includes 23 essential vitamins and nutrients that help support your pup’s overall well-being.

Key Features

  • Twenty-Seven (27) 3 oz. Cans – Purina Beneful Small Breed Wet Dog Food Variety Pack; IncrediBites
  • Made with real beef, chicken or salmon
  • Includes real ingredients you can see
  • Touch of sauce adds flavor to each bite
  • Provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs

What Others Are Saying About Beneful IncrediBites Wet Dog Food from Purina

“My dog is picky. He thinks that I am his personal chef and that he can opt out of eating what he does not want. He loves this food. It has a nice texture that seems more like a thick stew. The ingredients look to be things that are recognizable as meat, vegetables and grains. In general it seems to be a very good product.”

“My dog loves these, he’s a puppy and still teething so he has trouble chewing dry food. These are the perfect portion for 3 meals a day and one of the best values I’ve seen for individual portions of wet food.”

“My dogs are super picky eaters and will absolutely turn their noses up at straight dry food. I’m sure they would love to eat exclusively wet food, but I want to keep costs down by buying large bags of dry food. After much trial and error, we finally found a system that works. My dogs are happy to eat their dry food if I just mix in a spoonful of the Beneful wet food. A little goes a long way and my dogs and I are really happy with this product.”

Other Top Picks

Cesar Home Inspired Wet Dog Food – 24 Trays

Treat your little furbabies to a great dinner – scratch that, great mealtime every time with the Cesar Home Inspired Wet Dog Food. This one is steak-flavored so you know your pup will enjoy it. It is made from a gourmet dog food recipe and uses real beef as the #1 ingredient. It also contains vegetables for a complete and balanced meal.

Key Features

  • Crafted with real meat, US Beef as the #1 Ingredient
  • CESAR Wet Dog Food is made with vitamins and minerals to help dogs of all sizes, especially small breeds, stay healthy
  • Made in the USA with the world’s finest ingredients
  • This gourmet dog food is served in convenient trays with easy, peel-away freshness seals

What Others Are Saying About Cesar Home Inspired Wet Dog Food

“My dogs love these Cesar meals added to their dog food. This is a great filler as long as you have a high nutritious dog food you are adding it to. The flavor and wetness helps spice up a regular dog food. Do not just give them this as a whole meal. It doesn’t have enough nutrition, my vet stated. He also stated if it is used in conjunction with regular high nutrition dog food, then it is fine. So, that’s what we do. It helps dry food become more pliable and lets your dogs feel they are getting variety with all the flavors offered. Good choice for that!”

“I thought my dog didn’t like this food, but it turned out to be that “loss of appetite at the end of a dog’s life.” She was almost 18 years old and I’ll always remember Cesar’s dog food as the beginning of the end… She lived a wonderful life, and was a finicky eater ’till the very end.”

“Great Buy. The only dog food I feed my poodle.”

ALPO Prime Cuts Dog Food Variety Pack

Get your pups excited about meal time with the wide variety of flavors the ALPO Prime Cuts Dog Food can offer. It comes with two different flavors in each pack that your dog won’t be able to resist. This dog food is made with high-quality ingredients with real beef and real lamb.

Key Features

  • Twelve (12) 13.2 oz. Cans – Purina ALPO Prime Cuts With Beef and Lamb & Rice in Gravy Adult Wet Dog Food Variety Pack
  • Made with real beef or lamb
  • Contains high-quality protein sources
  • Delivers 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs
  • Formulated with 23 essential vitamins and minerals

What Others Are Saying About ALPO Prime Cuts Dog Food

“My aging dog who can barely eat and will not eat just anything loves this food. I tried cutting these chunks into smaller ones and even that wasn’t necessary as she’ll gobble them up in big chunks! I don’t really care I just watch that she doesn’t choke all I want is for her to eat. I know this probably isn’t the most nutritious canned dog food out there but when you have a sick doggy and all you want is for her to eat and even the vet has put in his 2 cents and nothing has worked… this will do! She had lost a lot of weight just because she was aging and lost teeth but she likes this food and so she’s doing pretty good now. It’s soft plus I do feed her science diet for little dogs.”

“My dog loves this food, I mix it with his Beneful, and if I add a little warm water, it makes a gravy that coats the entire serving of dry food. I noticed the other day how shiny his coat is, he looks much healthier than when I first brought him home from the animal shelter. His eyes are very bright, too. I really think it is having a positive effect on him, and he seems to really enjoy the flavors. So, we are happy with this purchase.”

“My dog loves Prime Cuts. My dog has dry food available all day (she does not overeat). So…for dinner…I give her a potion of the can (about 1/3). It gets her hungry enough to eat her dry dog food. I do not mix it with the dry food because she may not eat it all and then I need to clean out her bowl (don’t want wet food sitting around all day). I don’t like giving my dog wet dog food, but Prime Cuts is a sort of treat before she eats her dry food (which she does).”

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