Dog foods that we buy in the store are made just for our pets. But what about human foods? Which ones are safe for our dogs to eat and which ones aren’t?

The food dog owners ask about the most is bananas. We know monkeys love bananas. But what about dogs? Can dogs eat bananas too?

On this site we have already written about the benefits dogs get from eating apples. And we shared some tips about how to feed apples to them safely.

In this article we take a look at bananas, whether they’re safe for dogs and some tips and cautions on feeding them to our doggos.

Dog Nutrition Advice: Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Yes, indeed! Bananas are not just tasty snacks for humans. They can also be great treats for our furry little puppers!

So it is totally safe to give your dogs a little bit of banana every now and then. Dogs can digest bananas? as long as they are fed to them in moderation.

Dog Health: The Benefits Bananas for Dogs

We are all aware of the health benefits bananas bring to humans. But what can it do for our furry best friends? Well, bananas deliver nutrients such as vitamin B6, fiber, manganese, potassium, biotin, copper and vitamin C that our doggos surely need.

Bananas are also low in sodium and cholesterol which is great!

Some Cautions About Feeding Dogs Bananas

However, on the flip side, bananas have quite a high sugar content. Hence, our pets should only consume them as a treat, not regularly. Too much banana consumption can lead to constipation for our pets.

You also do not feed your dogs a banana peel! They’re not toxic… they may just be difficult to digest. Worst case scenario if you dog eats the peel is they may vomit a bit. However, it should just be a short term issue.

Also, it’s best to not feed your dogs whole bananas. The risk in doing so is that your dog might choke or it will be difficult for them to digest.

Preparation Tips For Giving Your Dog a Banana

Just like in apples, it?s a good idea to first slice the bananas into smaller, bite sized pieces before giving them to your pets.

It is also beneficial if you speak and consult with your veterinarian first just in case your dog turns out to be allergic to bananas. Some dogs who have sensitive gastrointestinal systems might find it difficult to digest a banana… especially if it is their first time trying it out.

So it?s for that reason we suggest you give your trusted vet a call for your dog’s health background before giving them a slice.

However, if your dog does not have any health issues that you should be wary of, then it is safe to feed them this tasty fruit!

(If you have questions about other foods and whether or not they are healthy and safe for your dogs to eat, search our FAQ section.)

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