Here’s a good bet you can win: if you place any food in front of a dog, he will eat it. As a pet owner, you probably already know that. After all, dogs eat a lot of things including stones, toys, and grass without our knowledge sometimes. They are sneaky that way.

So what happens if your dog sneaks some corn? Can dogs eat corn? Is it a safe food for them?

Can Dogs Eat Corn?

First of all, we need to establish that yes, dogs can eat corn. It is not unsafe or unhealthy for them if they get a few bites here and there. As long as they eat corn in moderation, you shouldn’t have to worry about any consequences.

In fact, a lot of major packaged dog foods out there include corn in their ingredient list. The grain of corn is relatively inexpensive and saves major manufacturers a lot of money.

Veterinarians do not disapprove of corn in a dog’s diet. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of vet nutritionists would suggest including corn as part of a well-balanced diet for your pets.

Additionally, corn also contains quite a few nutritional benefits for your dog’s diet. It is a great source for different nutrients such as protein, a lot of antioxidants, carbohydrates and linoleic acid.

Before you protest, the carbs found in corn are healthy and provides essential nutrients for our pets. These include healthy fats, different types of vitamins, fiber, and protein. All of these nutrients are good for your dog.

It is probably best to feed your dog mushed corn instead of feeding them straight from the cob. There are times when corn cobs can get stuck in a dog’s throat causing a blockage which could be very dangerous. Remove the corn kernels from the cob immediately if you are planning on feeding your dogs corn.

If your dog has had food allergies in the past, it would be best to give your veterinarian a call first before giving them corn. This is just a precautionary measure that could help save your dog… and you money for vet bills, too!

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