If it were up to them, our beloved pet dogs would eat just about anything.

From their packaged dog food to regular human food to even their own poop… dogs seem delighted to make a meal of anything.

One “human food” some dogs love to eat is fish. While eating fish is generally associated with cats more than dogs, dogs are often happy to eat fish as well.

Can Dogs Eat Fish?

And, if your dog seems interested in eating fish then, yes, by all means, feel free to add fish to your dog’s diet. In fact, some dog food even contains fish as their main ingredient.

So it is a safe food for your dog. And, when it comes to dog nutrition and health, fish can be highly beneficial.

If your dog is on a table-food diet, you can cook fresh fish for your fur baby. Otherwise, you can opt for fish-based dog foods on the market.

We highly recommend the fresh fish option. This way, you know exactly what your dog is eating and where it comes from.

Fish Recommendations For Dogs

Dogs can eat most types of fish, except for the ones with high mercury levels. Fishes with high mercury content such as tuna and swordfish can cause some health issues for your dog, so avoid those.

You can opt to cook ocean whitefish, walleye, salmon pike, lake whitefish, herring, flounder, Arctic char, and anything that doesn’t have high mercury content.

When it comes to cooking fresh fish for your dog, you can either grill, bake or steam them. Do not feed them raw fish. So, remember, no sushi for your dogs!

A Few Things To Avoid

Also, remember not to add any seasonings such as salt and pepper or greases such as oil and butter. These should be avoided at all costs as they can also cause health issues for your dog.

Trust us, even without seasonings; your dog will love fish – plain and simple.

As you might expect, fish bones are not to be fed to your dogs. Make sure to buy boneless fillets and inspect the meat for leftover bones before cooking.

Dog Nutrition: The Health Benefits of Fish for Dogs

Fish is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. This will help reduce inflammation for dogs. It also contains plenty of vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your dog’s health.

If you want to create a homemade fish-based diet for your dog, you can consult your veterinarian on how you can change the daily recipes for your dog. This will ensure that everything you add to your furbabies? food is approved by your vet.

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