Thinking of feeding your dog some ham? Make sure it’s safe for them first. Below, we answer the question “can dogs eat ham?” so you know if it’s a human food you should or shouldn’t give your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Ham?

If you accidentally (or intentionally) gave your dog some ham during dinner, do not fret. Dogs can eat and digest ham.

However, that does not mean it is a good idea to include ham in their regular diet!

While ham may not be dangerous for dogs, it also doesn’t offer much nutritional value for them. If you are giving your dogs ham for their indulgence, we advise you to give it to them in small quantities.

The high fat and sodium content in ham can cause serious harm to your dog’s health if given in large quantities. For instance, giving your dog ham as part of their daily meals can lead to pancreatitis, obesity and heart defects. It can also affect their kidneys.

There are some dogs who are more sensitive to fatty foods. So, if your dog vomits after eating ham, you need to give call your vet and consider not giving them any ham moving forward.

Additionally, you might think a ham bone is a good idea for your dog to chew on, but you need to have some restraint in giving one to your dog. Since ham is cooked, the bones in them are usually soft which can cause splinters when your dog chews on the bone.

This could result in your beloved fur baby choking or tearing their mouth on it. The splinters can also tear their throat and/or their intestines which can cause internal bleeding. Pieces of ham bones can also cause blockage in your dog’s intestines.

But what about raw ham bones? Would they be tough enough for your dog to chew on? Yes, but it doesn’t mean you should give it to your dogs. 

Raw ham bones can contain salmonella and other bacteria that could be harmful to your furry little friend. If your dog accidentally gets their mouth on a ham bone and shows signs of constipation, give your vet a call immediately. 

So, bottom line, a little ham shouldn’t be an issue. But you should exercise some caution and not give too much to your dog.

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