Let’s say you’re enjoying a nice, juicy plum. Your dog wants some and gives you those puppy dog eyes. Is it okay to share? Can dogs eat plums?

Not all fruits that are safe for us are good for our fur babies. In this article, we’ll look at whether plums are safe for dogs to eat.

Can Dogs Eat Plums?

The answer to that is most likely no. 

It is safe to let your dog eat a few slices of the ripe flesh of the fruit of a plum. However, your dog should avoid the other parts of the plum. They can be toxic to dogs and make them very sick.

And even though the flesh of a plum is safe for dogs, it is still not a healthy choice of food due to its high contents of sugar. Plus the ends of a plum pit are sharp and it may cause problems in the digestive system. 

Even more important to know, however, is that plum pits are also toxic to your dog. And once eaten it can cause plum poisoning. Plums contain hydrogen cyanide, which is extremely toxic to dogs. 

In addition, plums also contain other toxic substances such as amygdalin, prunasin, and cyanogen. All of these toxic substances can cause symptoms similar to those caused by cyanide. This includes possible cardiac arrest. Other symptoms may include vomiting, tremors, and difficulty in breathing. 

If your dog managed to eat a plum, it is best to have him/her treated as soon as possible. 

More On Plums and Dogs

Plums are great for people. While not as popular as any other fruit such as oranges or apples, they are still very common. And if your dog sees (or smells) you eating one, there is a good chance they will want some too. 

After all, anything you eat is something that your dog must also eat. Or at least that is how it goes with my dogs. And knowing that you cannot resist those cute puppy eyes, even on adult dogs, most people don’t think much about giving their dog a piece or two of what you are eating. 

However, as much as we know that that is one of the ways you show them your love, you should probably be careful about what you are giving them. Not all human foods, regardless of being healthy or unhealthy, are good for dogs. 

Some foods like grapes or chocolates are not good for dogs and are actually toxic to them. Other types of food are just plain unhealthy for them. And it is best not to feed them those types of foods. 

However, if you really cannot resist your pup, then give them just small amounts of those types of unhealthy foods. And by little, we mean really small amounts as it will definitely affect their health in the future. 

Plums Aren’t All Bad (For Humans, Anyway)

Plums are a type of fruit that came from a tree of the same name. This type of fruit is closely related to peaches and cherries (which are also not safe for dogs), and just like the mentioned fruits, plums are also an ingredient in certain desserts. They are also highly nutritious and are rich in minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C.

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