Meat. It is absolutely one of our favorite foods. There are a lot of recipes out there that we can use to cook a great and tasty meat meal. And of course, there are our dogs who also love them. 

Should You Give a Dog a Bone?

But many times, we are the ones who eat the meat. Then we throw our dog(s) a bone and let them have at it. Sure it has no meat, but they love the taste of it nevertheless. 

Not not only do dogs love the taste of bones, but they also love to play with them. It even got to the point where bones become a sort of trademark for dogs.

Pet shops sell bone-shaped toys and accessories. And we often see bones in dog icons. But despite that, can dogs eat rib bones? 

I have seen some things saying that bones, despite their popularity and association with dogs, are a no-no for them. That bones are harmful to our dogs’ health and well-being. 

But the thing about rib bones, specifically pork or beef rib bones, is that they are very large. That is especially true for small to average-sized dogs.

Rib bones are as large as the toy bones that we see in pet shops. And if your dog is small or average-sized, most likely they will not be able to swallow it in one bite.

So, what if you are cooking some delicious marinated rib bones? Are our dogs allowed to eat some of that roasted meat and bone meal? Or are the people who say dogs should not eat bones correct?

Can Dogs Eat Rib Bones?

The answer to that is no, our dogs are not allowed to eat rib bones. 

So this is a sad day for our dogs waiting for us to give them some of those delicious rib bones. The people who say that bones are bad food for dogs are right. 

But why exactly are bones bad for our dogs? You must be wondering that, knowing that you may have given your pooch a bone or two. 

Well, that is because bones can splinter as our dogs chew on them. And it can leave a sharp edge as they do so. And when they swallow it, it may cause some damage to our dogs’ internal system. 

Problems that may occur when feeding our dogs some bones include choking, digestion problems, and stuck sharp bones in the gastrointestinal tract. Feeding them rib bones may cause symptoms like:

  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Bloody stool
  • Dental problems

What About Rib Meat?

But what about its meat? Surely meat is alright for dogs, right? Well, that is true, that the right amount of meat is indeed important for our dogs. 

However, the thing about rib meat is that it is often blended with seasonings. So the answer to that is maybe, depending on the seasonings included. 

If it does not include that much salt or other seasonings like sugar, then maybe it is okay for your doggo. However, rib meat with too much salt is dangerous for dogs.

But another ingredient that you should watch out for is onion and garlic powders. These are totally off-limits to our dogs.

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