Dogs love the smell of shrimp – especially when it’s cooking. In fact, dogs love just about anything they see us eat. Fortunately, there are some human foods we can share with our pets – like shrimp.

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

Yes, our dogs can eat shrimp – so long as it is steamed. Shrimp are not only delicious food for our doggos but they also contain a lot of health benefits.

Before we dive in completely to what shrimp can offer in terms of health benefits, we would like to remind you that moderation is still key here. When it comes to feeding your pets anything – it is best to keep it moderate.

Health Benefits of Shrimp for Dogs

Shrimp is filled with essential nutrients that can be beneficial to our dogs. This includes vitamin B1 which can help improve your dog’s metabolic process. It also plays a huge part in improving gastrointestinal health for your dogs.

Shrimp also includes Niacin (also known as vitamin B3) which is good and helps boost your dog’s energy and proper enzyme function. It also helps with blood circulation, fat production, chemical signals, and more.

Additionally, shrimp also contains phosphorus which can help your dogs get healthy bones. More importantly, the anti-oxidants found in shrimp help fight free radicals which protects them from potential diseases and reduce brain aging.

It’s Not All Good Though…

As we previously mentioned, it is best to keep feeding your dogs shrimp as a treat instead of a regular diet. This is because shrimp is high in cholesterol which can cause a spike in your dogs’ cholesterol if given too much.

The best way to feed your dog’s shrimp is by steaming or plainly boiling it. Do not add any oils, flavorings, or spices as these can have negative effects on your dogs? health.

We hope this helps! Which food would you like us to write about next? We’ve written about many of the most common ones in our FAQs but if you have a question about food not listed there, let us know in the comments below!

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