Dog owners want to know about what kinds of foods they can and can’t feed their dogs. Today, we’re doing to look at the question, can dogs eat strawberries.

Strawberries are a great fruit (and happen to be one of my daughter’s favorite foods!). They’re perfect for any mealtime, any day. You can use it as toppings for your breakfast pancakes, afternoon snacks, or dinner desserts.

But, as all of us fur parents know, in any meal, there is an impatient fur baby waiting for the food nibbles to drop.

So, when you are eating strawberries and you suddenly get that wide-eyed puppy dog gaze, what do you do? Do you feed your dogs strawberries? Is it safe?

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

The answers to those questions, my good friends, are yes and YES! Yes, you can feed your dogs strawberries and it is absolutely safe! Similar to bananas and apples, your dogs can digest strawberries. In fact, they will even get some beneficial nutrients from these red fruits.

Just to make that clear, we are talking about FRESH STRAWBERRIES being a YES here. However, if we’re talking about canned and strawberry-flavored grocery items such as syrup? That is a big NO.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the benefits of your dogs eating a sweet strawberry.

Strawberries can help your dog age better. This means moderately feeding them strawberries as snacks can help make them feel better as they grow older. Strawberries also help with their immune system and managing their weight better.

As with everything else, strawberries should be fed to your dogs in moderation. Do not feed them the whole strawberry as is, or it just becomes a choking hazard instead of a delightful snack.

Instead, cut it up into smaller bite-sized pieces for your dogs. For those who have a small dog breed, you can also mash the berries or turn them into puree and add it to your dog’s other snacks. Cutting, mashing, or pureeing your dog’s snacks can also help with their digestion.

If your dog has any prior allergies or if they are sensitive to different foods, it is always a better idea to call your veterinarian first before introducing them to new food.

Otherwise, dig in and enjoy a strawberry snack with your favorite doggo!

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