Vienna sausage is one of the most commercially successful brands of sausages. Because it is a canned food, Vienna sausage is a convenient meal when you do not have any food in your fridge or freezer or if you do not feel like cooking. 

Vienna sausage is a tasty treat for humans, but what about our furry friends? Dogs definitely seem to love the meaty smell of sausage. But what are the health effects of giving dogs Vienna sausage?

So, a lot of us dog lovers may wonder, “Can Dogs Eat Vienna Sausage?” In this article, you will find out whether Vienna sausage is safe for dogs to eat or not. You will also learn whether this food has health benefits or if it has harmful effects on our dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Vienna Sausage?

The short answer is no. Dogs should absolutely not eat Vienna sausage. Vienna sausage is a bad choice for dogs. 

There are many types of foods that are not good for dogs, such as grapes, bones, and chocolate, just to name a few. Well, you can add Vienna sausage to the list. 

Vienna sausage is bad food for our furry pooches. It is considered to be an unhealthy food for our dogs.

Why is Vienna Sausage Bad for Dogs?

It is true that meat is a suitable food for dogs. And, yes, sausage is a type of meat. However, sausages are processed meat, which is something to look out for (in both dogs and human diets). 

And because they are processed meat, they contain less protein and more fat compared to natural meat. Most sausage brands contain less than 50 percent pork. 

Much like with other sausages, Vienna sausages are high in fat which can lead to a lot of health problems like obesity. 

And fats are not the only concern when it comes to Vienna sausages. Vienna sausages are also high in sodium or salt. 

Salt is always bad for dogs. It can cause salt poisoning and dehydration. To add to that, some sausages may also have a lot of seasonings. This is especially true for flavored sausages.

We have mentioned before that seasonings can be bad and unhealthy, if not toxic, for your dog. For example, you may cook Vienna sausage and may mix in some seasonings, which may contain garlic powder or onion powder. 

If your dog ate a little too much sausage, watch out for these symptoms: 

  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy

There are also other types of sausages, but they are not healthy foods for our dogs either. 

Sausages can be given to dogs once in a blue moon, and they can be given in only very small amounts. 

While sausages are not a preferred food source for dogs, if you are out of foods rich in protein, a small amount of sausage for just a day is not too harmful. Protein is an essential nutrient that can contribute to muscle development and tissue repair.

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