Winston, a Dachshund, and Mijo, a 15-year-old Chiweenie, are the dogs of Sarah Moore and Lindsay Golden. All four of them visited family recently in mountainous Evergreen, Colorado, many miles southwest of Denver.

Though it is an excellent place to consider home, there are some dangers for house pets like Mijo and Winston. And for both dogs, that danger came in the form of a mountain lion.

On Saturday, both dogs got out of the house because the door was left open. And in only a few seconds since they got out, Mijo got snatched by a mountain lion using its jaws.

But thankfully, the little Chiweenie has a brave brother ready to defend him anytime. As soon as Mijo got caught by the lion’s jaws, Winston jumped in, barking aggressively at the bigger threat.

Eventually, the big cat lets go of poor Mijo. Moore expected nothing less of her loyal dog. The two dogs are best friends; no wonder they have each others’ back. Once the lion dropped Mijo, Golden rushed him to an emergency veterinarian.

The terrifying incident left a mark on poor Mijo. The small dog underwent surgery and had his eye removed. The savage animal bit the poor pup on the head, leaving wounds on his scalp and neck.

It is a miracle that Mijo survived the encounter. The dog is also suffering from neurological damage, including seizures, and even today, he is still being monitored. He started taking anti-seizure medication.

Moore and Golden set up a GoFundMe for Mijo’s recovery costs. If you want to donate for Mijo’s recovery costs, click here.

If it weren’t for Winston’s brave actions, poor Mijo would have suffered a much worse fate than he is now. Be careful when traveling to wild places, especially when you are with a loved one or pet.

Photo Credit to GoFundMe

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