Good Life rabbit hutches are a great option to check out for your bunny.

Good Life USA gives you some of the best deals for both indoor and outdoor rabbit hutches. Most customers give their rabbit hutch products a good 4 – 4.5 stars, which says something about the quality.

Here are two of the best Good Life USA Rabbit Hutch deals:

Good Life Two Floors Wooden Outdoor Indoor Bunny Hutch Rabbit Cage with Feeding Trough Guinea Pig Coop PET House for Small Animals Gray & White Color PET548

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This product is a newer design of a rabbit hutch. It has a feeding trough and provides a lot of comfort for your rabbit.

The hutch has two cages stacked on each other. So it’s kind of like a bunk bed! This new design also has raised legs, keeping it off the ground, and making it difficult for pests to enter.

Each cage has 2 doors (for a total of 4 doors) and all of them have their own locks, so you know your pet is safe and secure!

The hutch is very spacious, with dimensions of 48” L x 19.7” W x 40” H, 18.6″ H on the upper cage, and 21.3″H on the lower. This gives your bunny plenty of space to move around. Its floors are removable as well, making it easier to clean. The design of the cage is minimalistic with colors of grey and white.

At the time of writing this, almost 50% of customers give this hutch a 5-star rating. And over 20% give it 4 stars.

Most customers love the design of the product. And most are very happy with it.

Some say that assembling the hutch is difficult and time-consuming. Yet others say how easy it is. Guess it just depends on how handy you are 😊

The main downside of this product people mention is the softwood material and that it’s not as sturdy as they’d like. Customers find the wood can easily break or be chewed by their pets.

But, overall, it is a quality product that offers enough for pets like rabbits and guinea pigs and most customers love it.

Good Life Two Floors 62″ Wooden Outdoor Indoor Roof Waterproof Bunny Hutch Rabbit Cage Guinea Pig Coop PET House for Small to Medium Animals with Stairs and Cleaning Tray PET537

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This product has 2 layers and is very spacious with dimensions of 62 x 21 x 37 inches. With this size cage, most pets will have plenty of room to play, exercise, and train inside the hutch.

This rabbit hutch also has an iron wire grid. This makes sure your pet is safe and secure yet at the same time allows them to keep an eye on their surroundings and gives them fresh air.

The hutch is built with a durable wood frame that can last for years. Its roof keeps the rain away and the cozy cubby is the perfect sleeping area for your pet.

It also features easy-climb ladder leads, connecting the lower hutch to the upper floor. The pull-out tray makes cleaning easier and the door closes easily and has slide-bolt latches locks.

Over 60% of reviewers give it a 5-star rating. A little over 20% give it 4 stars.

Most buyers find it easy to assemble but some buyers had difficulty assembling it.

Good Life USA says this product is big enough for 2-3 rabbits or 3-4 Guinea pigs. However, some say it is only big enough to fit two or more Guinea pigs and not spacious for even 1 full-sized rabbit. This will depend on the size of the rabbit breed you have. The only other real issue people mention is that bedding frequently falls out of the cage.

Overall it is a good product that can be easily assembled. And while it may not be ideal for full-sized rabbits, guinea pigs and smaller rabbits will surely fit. Most buyers like this product a lot!

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