Cats are truly peculiar creatures. Even though many cat owners love playing and petting these furry creatures, there are some cats that don’t appreciate it.

Sometimes, there are also cats that cling to their owner’s legs to show love. But most cats do not like being carried like a baby.

Carrying them like a baby makes them feel insecure and upset. They don’t like showing their bellies to people as it is a sensitive spot for them. They hated being recorded, especially if the flash is on. 

Because of those unique behaviours, many people often think that cats are not as cute and empathetic as dogs. Maybe that is true, but that does not mean that cats don’t get attached to their owners as dogs do. 

In Bedfordshire, Neil Payne and his wife decided to give Garfield, a ginger cat, to new owners in London. But Garfield never wanted his new family in London.

He wanted to go back to his old family as he grew up there. He is determined to see his previous owners, and he did not allow anything to stop him from seeing them. He travelled all the way back to Bedfordshire just to see them again.

Garfield was last seen in London on June 20. His new home in London is 40 miles away from his old home back in Bedfordshire. He travelled for seven weeks just to get back to his previous owners. 

Neil found him on their doorstep in the village of Shillington last Thursday. Garfield was crying and begging his owner to come back to his old home. When her mother called him, he jumped at her out of excitement. 

Neil was so impressed with Garfield’s loyalty that he allowed him to stay at their home again.

Photo Credit to John McLellan

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