We all know how long humans are pregnant for (9 months, but I didn’t have to tell you that, right?!). But what about dogs? How long are dogs pregnant before they give birth to an adorable litter of pups?

As you may or may not know, a dog’s body clock is much shorter than ours. So, it will not take a dog nine months to carry their puppies in their wombs. Depending on the size and breed of a dog, a dog’s gestation period, on average, lasts between 56 to 72 days. That’s about 9 weeks.

Similar to humans, dogs have different stages of pregnancy that their four-legged bodies go through. And they go through them in rather a quick succession. So in that two to three month period in which dogs are pregnant, the puppies inside the womb develop quickly.

During the first month of a dog’s pregnancy, a pregnant dog will not show any symptoms. In the fourth week, you will begin to notice symptoms such as morning sickness, an increase in appetite, a decrease in physical activity, and clear vaginal discharge. Your dog will also be more affectionate towards you and you will notice her nipples slightly enlarge.

During the second month of your dog’s pregnancy, the puppy’s fetal development takes form. This is where the signs of pregnancy become more obvious. Your dog will continue to increase her appetite and she will gain a lot more weight. You will also notice frequent urination as well as more vaginal discharge. Her abdomen will enlarge, and you will notice visible puppy movements inside the womb at around day 50.

In the third and final month of a dog?s pregnancy, your dog is finally getting ready to give birth. You should be prepared to welcome a litter of puppies soon. In the last few days of her pregnancy, her body temperature will drop, she will show signs of restless behavior, panting, shivering, pacing and digging.

If you are planning on your dog giving birth in a vet clinic, you should inform your vet as soon as you notice these behaviors.

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