Trying to figure out what to feed your dog or puppy can be mind numbing. There are literally hundreds of choices – sometime from the same brand it seems!

Luckily, a simple and easy way to do so is by price. So how much do the best dog foods cost?

Best Special Diet or Health Feature Dog Foods: $55 to $90 for a 20-30lb bag/24 cans

Best Premium Brand Dog Foods: $35 to $55 for a 20-30lb bag/24 cans

Best Generic Brand Dog Foods: $15 to $25 for a 20-30lb bag/24 cans

What are special diet dog foods?

Special diet dog foods cover are usually free of a certain ingredient or higher in others, the most common types include: No corn/wheat/soy, grain-free, gluten-free, pea-free, high protein, sensitive digestion or non-GMO – among others.

What are health feature dog foods?

These foods are suppose to cover a range of health issues for dogs: digestive health, skin and coat health, hip and joint support, immune support, brain health, high-energy and dental and breathe care. While I’m not sure how to measure a dog’s IQ for brain health, having two English Bull Dogs, I can fully attest to the need for sensitive digestion foods to help. We tried several brands before finding a lamb and rice formula that they do well with.

In the premium brand categories, you’re going to find the Science Diets, Rachel Ray, Blue Buffalo and so on.

For the generic brands, think kibble ‘n bits or Old Roy.

Ultimately, the breed and health of your dog will dictate what kind of food you will need to feed your dog.

If you’re considering a special or very specific breed of dog, it’s probably a good idea to talk to a veterinarian or the breeder to see what kind of dog foods work best, so you can look up and understand what it’s going to cost you to feed your new family member.

If you’re going to the shelter and adopting your new family member, chances are you’ll be just fine with a more generic brand and nutrition option.

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  1. Sandy Miller

    What is the best dry dog food for my senior pit bull dog. He has heart problems and arthritis.

    1. Ralph Borriello

      Personally I would recommend a good amount glucosamine and chondroitin for his hip issues. Check out the farmers dog or Dr. Martys dog food brand. Both are great choices …

  2. Eric Botterman

    My Standard Poodle Named Casey enjoys his Samon dry food from Costco. It quality at a good price.

  3. Jenferkj

    I feed both my pittbulls Taste of the Wild. They are currently eating Prey, Angus formula. I would definitely recommend a grain-free as grain could cause worsening arthritis. My four-year-old does better with the limited ingredient diet. I think TOTW Pacific Stream is super high in glucosamine which can be helpful for joint pain. Hope this helps.

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