Wipe out eye boogers when you see them. They are easier to get out when they are fresh.

Dogs with crazy longish face fur like Shih-tzus have nose fur that gets goopy with eye discharge.

Keeping the hair trimmed around the eyes is important in grooming.

DON’T USE SCISSORS to cut this hair.

You could easily poke your dog’s eye or skin. Clippers are ideal but you still should be careful to protect your pet’s eye by covering it with your other hand.

Pets may need to be acclimated to this grooming because they flinch and risk eye poking when you get anything near their eyes.

It can be challenging. Most people leave it to a professional groomer for higher chances of success.

If the goop gets away from you and there is a large matt near the corner of the eye, you can slowly and gently soak it with a warm wet washcloth until it can be easily pulled away.

The skin underneath this matt of fur and eye goop may be raw and irritated so be very careful when you try to dislodge this material.

If you feel your pet has more eye goobers than normal, go see your vet. It may be sign that there is a problem.

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