What’s the healthiest dog food to feed my dog?

This is a very popular question. There are several factors that play a part in answering this question and that?s why there is no one answer. All dogs have different nutritional needs so a “healthy dog food” for one dog, may not be as healthy for another.

There are so many dog foods on the market today. Here are a few key factors you should know when choosing a healthy food…

Your Dog’s Age

Look for a food that’s formulated to your dog’s current age. There are three different life stages of food. Puppy, adult, and senior formulas are most common.

Puppies, for example, need a high-quality protein to support growing muscles and DHA, which is a protein found in mom’s milk. As your pet ages, you need to transition to adult food and then onto senior food as the years pass.

Your Dog’s Size

Consider a food based on your dogs size. Small or toy breed dogs may chew a smaller size of kibble. Large or giant breeds will benefit from healthy dog foods that contain glucosamine, which support healthy joints. This kibble may also be quite larger than small or toy formulas.

How Active Is Your Dog?

Think about your pet’s activity level. If you have a dog who is an athlete, it may burn more calories than a dog that goes out for the occasional walk.

Your Dog’s Medical Needs

Pay attention to the food that is designed for food allergies and specific medical needs. Sensitive skin and food allergies have become a major player in the pet food industry. There are also many dogs that need special prescription diet foods. If your pet requires a special diet always consult your veterinarian.


Do your research! Look for an established company that does scientific research. A company that has minimal recalls attached to its name is food for thought. Always transition over 7 days when switching to a new food to prevent upset stomach or diarrhea.

You don’t have to spend lots of money on healthy dog food unless there is a medical condition involved. Healthy food should produce a healthy coat, formed stool, and should not contain any artificial colors.

Some of my personal favorites include Fromm, Purina Pro Plan, Science Diet, and Royal Canin.

So that’s a primer on how to find the healthiest foods for your dog. But how much should you feed them? Check out our article by Dr. Sara on How Much Should I Feed My Dog here.

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