Oh my god! Is that a bump I feel? My pet has cancer! They are going to die!

There is a fairly common feeling of panic in most owners when they find a lump or a bump on their furry friend.

The most important thing to do is to STAY CALM. Then mark the bump with a marker or pen so you don’t lose track of where it is.

Getting new lumps and bumps checked out is a good idea because it may give you and your pet more options down the road, no matter what the bump is.

Sometimes they are a cyst, benign cancer, sometimes they are infections, sometimes they are a normal part of the body that you never noticed and occasionally they are more aggressive cancer.

For the more aggressive ones, the earlier you catch it, the more options you and your pet will likely have for possible treatments.

Your vet will likely take a sample with a needle to see if they can get an idea of what is growing on your pet.

It gives them a place to start on what the best course of action may be. Sometimes they will insist on taking the bump off even if it appears benign because of its location or your pet’s breed.

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  1. Duke Murphy

    My 3 month old puppy has a lump the size of a large acorn on his leg that was only noticed moments ago.