My Cat Has Diarrhea

This can be very frustrating and difficult to solve problem for owners and vets. First of all, it is sometimes quite messy and smelly. Secondly, it can sometimes be hard to determine which cat in your household is having the problem.

Litterboxes unfortunately don’t label which poop belongs to which cat. If the problem is not urgent then you can place a small amount of non-toxic crayon shavings in one cat’s food to label the problem.

Go easy with this and make sure that only one house member gets these or you won’t have any new information. You can use different colors for different cats.

Once you determine the one who is having poop troubles then make sure you get a fresh nasty sample from this pet with minimal litter in it if possible to bring to your vet. They will likely want to test it for parasites or other problems.

Note what you are feeding, if you have had any food changes lately or if your cat may be ingesting something around the house. Also, let your vet know if your pet is feeling well otherwise.

You should not give any over the counter medications to cats for this, they are very sensitive to toxicities. Also be careful about giving yogurt to help your cat feel better. Most cats are lactose intolerant and may feel worse afterwards.

There are probiotics formulated more specifically for cats. If your pet seems very ill or lethargic, you should seek medical attention right away so they do not become dehydrated. In this case, a stool sample is very helpful but the cat is the priority and if you can’t get a good sample, this should not preclude you from heading in for help.

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