We have all heard the myth that cats have nine lives. Well, the cat in this story may have used up one of hers during the ordeal she went through when the temperatures plunged in her area.

Wintertime is usually the worst for pets. Especially for the stray cats and dogs who spend their lives outdoors. When the temperature drops, so do these strays’ chances of survival. And that, as a pet lover, sounds horrific.

In Kalispell, Montana, the temperature had dropped to around ten degrees. An outdoor cat named Fluffy was found essentially frozen outside her home by her owner. She was totally covered with giant snowballs stuck in her long hair. As a pet owner, you can just imagine the heartbreak her owner felt.

Making matters seem even direr, the cat was unresponsive so her owner picked her up and high-tailed it over to the Animal Clinic of Kalispell. When she got there, they immediately examined Fluffy. And, according to Dr. Jevon Clark, the resident veterinarian, Fluffy’s temperature was so low that the medical thermometer did not even register her temperature when she was first brought in.

Source: Animal Clinic of Kalispell | Facebook

So the medical staff of the Animal Clinic of Kalispell quickly went to work. They were not about to let this frozen furball lose her life! The staff did their best to raise Fluffy’s body temperature slowly so she would not go into shock. To do this, they covered her up in warm blankets and slowly dampened her fur with warm water.

After a few hours of touch and go, they finally started to see some signs up hope that the treatment was working. Her temperature began to climb until she was completely recovered.

Now, Fluffy is back at home, safe and warm. Her owner decided that starting from now on, Fluffy will be an indoors cat – especially in winter season!

Source: Animal Clinic of Kalispell | Facebook

This beautiful story has gone viral all over social media when the clinic created a post about their remarkable success. It truly is a beautiful survival story, and one that we hope will bring a lesson to all fur parents to bring their pets indoors in frigid temperatures.

Thanks to Fluffy’s survival story, more and more pet owners are realizing the dangers of keeping their pets outdoors during severe weather conditions. How about that for a happy ending!

Photo Credit: Animal Clinic of Kalispell | Facebook

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