Interested in a Pawhut rabbit hutch? Learn about this company and get info about some of their most popular hutches for your bunny below.

About Pawhut

Pawhut is part of the company, Aosom. The company strives to provide cool new products at the very best prices to help make customers’ lives better. They are known for selling quality products at good prices.

Pawhut sells a number of rabbit hutches that come in a few different styles. Many of their products are 2 story rabbit hutches, though they also offer some single layer variants. Their hutches are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

3 Popular Pawhut Rabbit Hutches

PawHut Solid Wood Rabbit Hutch with 2 House Levels and Patio Space, Strong Black Metal Cage Wire, and Easy Clean Tray

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This is a two-layer rabbit hutch with overall dimensions of 59″ L x 20.75″ W x 26.75″ H.

This spacious rabbit hutch has two floors. The top floor is the sleeping and living area. The larger bottom floor is for playing and running around.

The hutch is made with solid fir wood, and the metal wiring is durable, making it a sturdy piece that can protect your pet from predators. It has two top openings, several side doors, and a window so you can better watch your pet bunny.

It is suitable for outdoor use as the roof is built with a material that helps fight UV and water deterioration. It also features a removable tray, making cleaning much more manageable.

Overall, this hutch has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, with nearly 60% of the buyers giving it 5 stars and over 15% giving it 4 stars. Most buyers love this product and think that it is easy to build and is spacious for 1-2 rabbits. There are some concerns about the bottom level having no flooring.

Overall, rabbit owners who got this hutch for their bunny are quite satisfied with their purchase.

PawHut 62″ Outdoor Guinea Pig Pet House/Rabbit Hutch Habitat with Run

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This is a two-layer rabbit hutch with overall dimensions of 62.25″ L x 22.75″ W x 26.75″ H.

It is made of solid fir wood and is fenced with metal wiring, making it sturdy. It has 3 doors for easy access. Inside is a ramp connecting the lower and upper floors. It also has a removable tray for easy cleaning.

Buyers gave it an overall 3.4 out of 5 stars, with nearly 40% of the buyers giving it 5 stars. Though most buyers are giving it 5 stars, there are some complaints about the wood being flimsy and suggestions to place wiring above the removable tray.

Overall most buyers still like it, but it seems this hutch could use some improvements.

PawHut 48″ 2-Story Elevated Stacked Wooden Rabbit Hutch Small Animal Habitat with Ramp

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The overall dimensions of this two-layer hutch is 48″ L x 19.75″ W x 41″ H inches.

It is made of durable weather-resistant fir wood, fenced with steel wiring. The roof is a water-resistant composite asphalt, making it suitable for outdoor use. The top also opens, and the hutch features multiple doors.

Inside there is a ramp that connects the upper and lower levels. It also has two pull out trays for easy cleaning. The hutch is elevated for further protection of pets.

It has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, with nearly 60% of the buyers giving it 5 stars and around 20% giving it 4 stars. Many buyers like the product because it is large and spacious. The hutch is also easy to clean. One common complaint, however is that it’s not so easy to assemble. Overall, this rabbit hutch is a great option for your bunnies.

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