Sweet Pit Bull Invited A Pregnant Cat In To Give Birth To Kittens

In Mexico, a man named Juan José P. Flores noticed a stray cat wandering in his neighborhood. He knew that he couldn’t just leave the cat outside hungry and thirsty. So he always left food and water to nourish the stray cat.

Flores’ pit bull, who is named Hades, noticed this kindness and also treated the cat kindly. 

One day, Flores was at home when he heard Hades knocking at his back door. He was making a lot of noise which led Flores to believe that Hades must have something to say that was important. 

So Flores went to the backdoor and his surprise, he found the stray cat inside Hades’ dog house. The stray cat that he was always feeding is pregnant. The cat had no safe place to labor her kittens. 

So the kind pit bull offered his dog house to the pregnant kitten. This act of kindness surprised his owner, Flores. However, Hades’ kindness did not end there; while the cat was giving birth to her kittens, Hades stayed by her side all day long. 

Photo Source: Juan Jose Flores
Photo Source: Juan José P. Flores

Hades helped the stray cat in every way he can; he even provided a blanket for her and her kittens. The cat felt safe when she was giving birth to her two kittens because Hades was outside of the door. 

The mama kitten was really happy and comfortable under Hades’ guard. The kind pit bull was also happy to welcome the new cat family. 

Flores knew that he could not leave the kittens outside, so he decided to bring them to his house so that the kittens wouldn’t get cold. Even inside the house, the cat family was still under Hades’ supervision. 

Flores later took the cat in permanently and named her Nicol. She and Hades are very good friends and spend a lot of time together. Watch them below:

Photo Credit to Juan José P. Flores

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