Training your dog is a lot easier when you do it with the right and proper equipment. This is especially true for agility training. Agility training is a great exercise routine for your beloved pup. The obstacle courses will not only help challenge and improve your dog’s physical health, it will also train their mental health.

Benefits of Dog Agility Training:

  • Mind and body coordination for dogs
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Improves speed
  • Keep your dog healthy and fit
  • Increase in endurance
  • Helps your dog’s memory

Key Features To Look For In Dog Agility Equipment

  • Age restrictions – are you picking the right equipment for your dog’s age? Some equipment is designed for pups, some are designed for adult dogs, and some are designed for dogs of every age. 
  • Quality of materials used – are you purchasing equipment of high quality?
  • Price – is the price affordable or reasonable?
  • Setup & Portability – is the equipment easy to set up? Can you bring it with you anywhere you go with your dog? Does it make it easy for you and your pup to train anytime, anywhere?

Top Picks for Dog Agility Equipment

PAWISE Pet Dogs Outdoor Games Agility Exercise Training Equipment Agility Starter Kit Jump Hoop Hurdle Bar

The Pet Dogs Outdoor Games Agility Exercise Training Equipment is a great starter kit for dogs. It can be used by puppies in training. The materials are lightweight, and the kit is affordable. 

This equipment features a jump ring that gives your dog endless hours of interactive fun and training. It’s suitable for outdoor use.

Key Features:

  • The jump ring is used as dog agility starter equipment. The size of the ring is 1 meter.
  • Easy for storage or travel.
  • By inspiring interactive fun, the kit nurtures the relationship between you and your dog.
  • It helps you and your dog get exercise.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.

What Others Are Saying About Pet Dogs Outdoor Games Agility Exercise Training Equipment

“Love these poles! My Corgi and I are just getting into agility and I needed something that we could practice weaves with, without having to go to a course. I was surprised at how lightweight these are… very easy to carry around and position, but the spikes are long enough that they stay in the ground easily. We are training with the angle method for now. It comes with a rope and two stakes to make a straight line as a guide for when you are putting them in the ground, which is a huge plus. I only wish that the carrying bag was a tiny bit bigger, sometimes when I am putting everything back in the bag it gets a little difficult to zip up. However, I would definitely recommend, especially if you need a set that is quick and easy to set up and take down to move.” 

“This product was priced right and is great for larger dogs. Easy to put up and take down to accommodate mowing the lawn.”

“Great and easy training product! Keeps my active puggle busy and active”

Affordable Agility Agility in a Bag with 9 ft Tunnel

The Affordable Agility in a Bag is perfect for dogs of all ages. It is also beginner-friendly. All of the equipment including a 9 ft tunnel is fitted inside one go-bag so you can always train on the go. 

It’s perfect for every average size dog. The whole set comes with different obstacles for your beloved pooch to train on. All obstacles are partially assembled for easier and quicker assembly. 

Key Features

  • Features a 36″ wide adjustable bar jump, 6 Weave Poles, Tire jump, 36″ square PVC Pause Box and 9 ft tunnel with 22″ diameter. Lightweight, adjustable, PVC obstacles.
  • Bar jump is 36″ wide w/adjustable jump height up to 26″. Weave poles spaced at 24″ and 33″ tall. Tire jump has a 24″ inner diameter tire with adjustable height. Tunnel is 9 ft long with 22″ diameter. Pause Box is a 36″ PVC square frame.
  • Ships partially assembled with easy to follow assembly directions.
  • Exceptional quality and value! 
  • It also includes a large, sturdy, carrying bag ( 38 x 30 x 3), and vinyl tape for decorating. 

What Others Are Saying About Affordable Agility in a Bag

“I do find the quality great still. The only issue ive had is the hurdle. I did not get how to put it together. I got a set of hurdles and they worked fine. I will look at the hurdle in this set and update to make sure its okay. Maybe a piece was missing? The hurdle in the other purchase did some good quality. I looked around a lot and decided it’d be best to spend the extra money for a higher quality set. But I used this to practice the agility classes and my pooches get great opportunities at home to practice Thank you again for making! Great for indoor days!”

“Love this set….so durable and my Australian Shepherd mastered it with one try! Thank you.”

“Perfect for the beginner. Really like the ability to break it down and put in the carrying case for storage or travel.”

PawHut 5 Piece Outdoor Game Dog Agility Training Equipment Set Agility Starter Kit Jumping Ring Hurdle Bar Tunnel

Keep your dog active with the PawHut 5 Piece Outdoor Game Dog Agility Training Equipment. It’s perfect for both beginners and trained dogs. It’s easy to set up, simple to use, and portable. What more could you ask for?

Key Features

  • SET OF 5 VARYING PIECES OF EQUIPMENT: PawHut’s pet training set features a variety of equipment types with high jump, tunnel, weave poles, square pause box, and adjustable jumping ring.
  • Quick to set-up and dismantle.
  • Made with rugged plastic that’s perfect for heavy-duty use.
  • Comes with a convenient sports bag.
  • Nurtures the relationship between you and your pet.

What Others Are Saying About PawHut 5 Piece Outdoor Game Dog Agility Training Equipment

“My 9-year-old daughter and I put these together very easy. They hold up to our dog repeatedly using them. They are easy to take down and put back up again.”

“Lightweight, good quality for the price. Assembly directions weren’t great but still not too difficult to assemble.”

“Easily assembled and happy it came with a bag to out all pieces away”

PawHut 4 Piece Adjustable Dog Jump Bar Agility Training Equipment with Carrying Case

PawHut is all about keeping your dogs healthy and active, and the PawHut 4 Piece Adjustable Dog Jump Bar Agility Training Equipment is just further proof of that. This set is perfect for travelers, it is extremely portable.

The package comes with 4 sets of challenging exercises and obstacles. The materials used are durable for long-term use. 

Key Features

  • Each set includes: 2 x cross bars; 2 x vertical bars; 4 x grounding rod length; 2 x three-way connectors; 2 x clips
  • Set of 4 bar jumps allows you and your dog to practice both simple and advanced exercises
  • Jumps are 37” wide and feature heights that can be adjusted
  • Top bar displaces (falls off) for safety if your dog hits it
  • The bottom bar is fixed for stability on any surface type
  • Sturdy carrying bag included

What Others Are Saying About PawHut 4 Piece Adjustable Dog Jump Bar Agility Training Equipment 

“This set was exactly what I was looking for training my dog for agility. I had no trouble assembling the set, and it doesn’t fall apart like some of the reviews state. It comes with a nice carrying bag that you can store the pieces in and take them anywhere. One of the things I liked best is the jump bar sits on cup holders (as opposed to being inserted and not able to fall if your dog hits them when jumping) which prevents injury and the bar height is super easy to adjust. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and highly recommend this product.”

“These are light, easy to assemble and easy to store. Keep them together with just a bit of electrical tape or take them apart quickly. They are sturdy enough, but not heavy. These were perfect for “between class” refresher jumping for my Australian Shepherd. She loves the agility training and I like how much exercise she gets in such a short amount of time. And I don’t have to walk for miles…..Good price point, and I’m happy with them.”

“My dog already knew how to work hurdles from agility training. So this was a great backyard training toy for him. If you don’t think your dog will jump all 4 hurdles in one round you might want a smaller set. I wanted the larger set.”

Juvale Pack of 1 Pet Agility Play Tunnel Tube Accessory Gift – Pet Training Toy for Small Pets, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Teal – 47 x 9.75 inches

With the Juvale Pack of 1 Pet Agility Play Tunnel Tube Accessory Gift, you can give your pets endless hours of fun. It’s not only made for dogs, it’s also made for different pets such as cats, rabbits, and teals. It is perfect for small pets. 

Key Features

  • The lengthy, Bright Blue tunnel-style design makes this toy tube ideal for small pets like cats, rabbits or small dogs and puppies to experience their own tunnel fun and exercise.
  • The rugged built-in steel frame helps maintain the tunnel’s shape and the polyester tube is tear-resistant and safe for lengthy use
  • Easily collapsible form helps keep possible space occupied to a minimum and allows for easy pick up whenever necessary.
  • A softball toy and a small ring rattle ball hung on the exit provide entertainment for your pet, for example, when you’re not at home
  • 47 inches long; 9.75 inches in height. Includes 3 openings.

What Others Are Saying About Juvale Pack of 1 Pet Agility Play Tunnel Tube Accessory Gift

“We got this for our puppy and starting from Week 8 he loved it. He did chew off one of the balls from the string so be mindful to avoid choking. He still plays with it although soon he’ll be too big to fit in it and I’ll need to upgrade. He was about 3.5 pounds when we got him and he’s now 6.5-7 and he still uses it.”

“Great for the price! The puppies are getting use to going through the tunnel. Even their momma is starting to go in it, but hasn’t gone all the way through yet. Took off the toys at the end of the tunnel because the dogs weren’t sure about them”

“Two 3-month old kittens are loving this. It’s perfect small size, easily collapsed and stored. They enjoy the hanging toys and the hole in the middle. Feather light such that they end up moving it from one room to another merely by doing a run and slide into it.”

Houseables Dog Tunnel, Agility Equipment, 18 Ft Long, 24″ Open, Polyester, Play Tunnels for Training Small & Medium Dogs, Park Playground Toy, Large Obstacle Course for Pets, with Carrying Case

Give your dog endless hours of exercise to keep them healthy, active and fit with the Houseables Dog Tunnel, Agility Equipment. It promotes obedience, quickness, dexterity and the overall quality of life for your beloved dogs.

Key Features

  • 18 ft. long coiled tunnel with double-ended 24” openings
  • Blue 600D woven oxford Dacron covering with steel springs with a diameter of 3mm
  • Storage bag included (with two black nylon carrying handles)
  • 7” long mounting stakes (8-12 in total) come in a drawstring pouch
  • Grommet metal flaps around the base
  • AKC and NADAC compliant

What Others Are Saying Houseables Dog Tunnel, Agility Equipment

“Pup loves the tunnel! Tried it inside first with great results. We have since been outdoors with it. She was going through it and quickly had toys in there. Soccer in the tunnel with a chew toy in her mouth. She loves to play with multiple toys at once so this adds another level of fun ad complexity. Seems sturdy enough and is easy to tie up and store.”

“I love this tunnel. My 150lb Great Dane actually fits without having to full army crawl.”

“We have a 4 month old Golden and he loves to burrow behind couches-likes the enclosure. Problem is there are electrical wires back there and he’s teething. Blocked the couches and got the tunnel-he loves it. Comes with stakes that go through metal grommets if used outdoors. So far we’ve only used it inside. Who knows, if we get into agility training he’ll have a head start. Good socialization tool. Good value, fast shipping.”

Lord Anson Trade; Dog Agility Hurdle Cone Set – Canine Agility Training Set – Obedience, Agility, and Rehabilitation – 8 Agility Cones and 4 Agility Rods

The Lord Anson Trade; Dog Agility Hurdle Cone Set is one of the best agility equipment out there. It is made from high-quality, durable materials to ensure long-term use. The products are adjustable and portable, too!

Key Features

  • Each Lord Anson™ product is designed and tested by a team of experienced dog owners and designers to bring the best experience to both you and your pet. 
  • Heavy duty tall cones
  • Extra long heavy duty agility rods
  • Adjustable and versatile
  • Great for agility, rehabilitation, and obedience training.

What Others Are Saying About Lord Anson Trade; Dog Agility Hurdle Cone Set 

“We have three heelers and this was purchased to help burn mental and physical energy. We divided the set into two pairs as one of our pups is only three months old and can’t jump the taller notches yet. I was impressed with how well it’s made despite being all plastic. The rods unscrew into “nunchucks” for easy packing/storing, the cones are larger than I expected (thought the picture shows accurate comparison/sizing to a pup), and the holes witching the cones to hold the rods are tight so that they stay in place whilst training.”

“Love this cone and pole set!! Just started Agility training with my dog and these are already proving to be helpful. Love that you can adjust the jump height with 4 variations, and the poles actually fit unright into the cones, which I’ve used when doing 2×2 training to get her ready for weaving. I also use the cones individually for practicing cross overs and send it.”

“The cones have provided fun, learning & exercise. It is great. It came quickly & in good shape. I love that you can put the bars at different levels & the dog can jump over or crawl under. It has been fun to see her learn. We are happy we purchased it. The only draw back i can come up with is storage. We haven’t figured out what we could put the cones/bars in. It would be nice if it came in a storage bag,bin or something.”

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