Cats are seriously famous on the internet. But there is something more famous on the internet, and those are cats with unusual facial expressions. 

This cat has facial markings that make him look sad, or it seems like he is frowning, and people from the internet find that adorable. A Tiktok user that goes by the name of Simpson Xin was the first person to share videos of the frowning cat all over the internet. 

The TikTok user first spotted him wandering the streets of Shanghai, where the TikTok user lives. Her first video about the sad-looking cat currently had about 2 million views. 

One of the commenters on her video even said: “the cat is a real-life emoji!” because of the facial markings that make him look sad. Another commenter on her video even asked “What happened to you? Why are you looking so sad!”. 

Many of those who commented were concerned about the cat as he was skinny and looked like he was a stray. But Xin told the concerned commenters that the cat was being taken care of. Though she does not own the grumpy cat, she visits him every day to feed him and give him water. 

The TikTok user already has her kitty and could not keep another which is why she did not adopt the grumpy-looking cat. 

On Youtube, there is a TikTok compilation video about Xin and the sad-looking cat. The video is funny, especially when the cat looks at the TikTok user’s camera. In the video compilation, it is shown that she is talking to the sad-looking cat. 

Do you live in Shanghai? Or know anyone who lives there? Share this story with them, and maybe they can find a place for this cat to stay. 

Watch the video below to see the funny and adorable “sad” cat. Share the video with your friends and family to give them a good laugh.

Photo Credit to Simpson Xin

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