Today we’re going to examine what to consider when looking for the best pet insurance options for your pet.

It’s Not Just Your Imagination, Health Care for Pets Isn’t Cheap

Nobody likes to think about their beloved companion getting sick or injured but unfortunately, it happens at least once or maybe more often to every creature. Let’s face it, the cost of quality health care in these situations is expensive.

It turns out that medical inflation is outpacing regular inflation. This is not just your imagination. Medication prices and equipment are improving but the costs are sometimes surprising.

So what is a loving and responsible pet guardian to do? How do you help say yes to your vets plan A for your pet’s health care?

Think About Looking into Pet Insurance!

There are many companies that offer a health insurance plan for animals that will help offset the cost of expenses in the event of a health challenge. While at first glance the cost and logistics seem a little unfamiliar and uncomfortable, most of the folks I know who committed to this have not regretted it.

Insurance makes other types of uncomfortable conversations much more manageable. It takes some stress out of moments where you want to focus on your furry friend rather than on the bill and your bank account.

Also, the earlier you get this in your pets life, the better. Many large bills tend to come up in the first year or two a pet is with a new family.

Factors To Consider When Looking At Pet Health Insurance

There are several other factors that may play a role in deciding to on pet health insurance:

  • Does your pet sleep in the same room as you?
  • Would an unexpected $1000 vet bill cause major stress in your house?
  • Do you have a large pet where the cost of the medication will be an important factor?
  • Did you have an uncomfortable health surprise with another pet where finances played a part in the health care discussions?

How Do You Know Which Insurance to Pick?

Ask you vet office which two companies they like dealing with and if there are other clients who are happy with their insurance. They will likely have a few strong opinions. Ask if the clinic will help you submit claims to a specific company. These questions may make the process of narrowing down your options much more efficient.

When you research the companies, they should be transparent about what is included in the coverage and any qualifying conditions that may apply. Ask or look for coverage restrictions around specific breeds and preexisting conditions.

Do they cover preventative care? What about dental care? What is the deductible? Does their billing cycle work for you? How long to reimbursements take?

Try calling the company to see how easy they are to talk to and work with. Being able to have a good working relationship will be a huge part of the decision.

I wish I could look each of my patients in the eye and give them a serious heart to heart about the dangers of eating socks, medications off the floor, string or uncooked bread dough. I wish we could level about not spitting out their heartworm medications or role play ways how not to give in to peer pressure when investigating wildlife.

I encourage you to have these conversations at home with your pet but unless they raise their right paw and repeat it back to you, seriously consider finding pet insurance to help you come up with the best possible plan for any unforeseen challenges your furry friend may encounter.