A tiny stray pup in Los Angeles, California knew that his chances of survival in the streets alone are slim. So from the very first day, he knew he had to find a way to get adopted. 

And so, the tiny pup waited for his perfect opportunity to ask someone to save him. After waiting for some time, he came across two policemen on the streets.

The pup knew this was his opportunity to get out of the streets, so he approached the policemen. As quick as he can, the pup approached one of the policemen’s feet and asked for help.

Officer Mercado and Officer Tavera noticed the pup on their feet and immediately knew what had to be done. So, the good officers picked the pup up and rescued the poor stray.

From the beginning, it was clear that the pup was desperate for help. He was far too young and too small to fend for himself on the streets. What he needed was a home, and someone to love and protect him. 

The officers brought the stray back to the station. In the car ride over, the tiny pup wasn’t shy to show his appreciation. He cuddled up in the lap of Officer Tavera. He stared at both officers with adoration. 

They decided to name the pup “Hobart” after the street he was found on. From the moment Hobart was rescued, he kept showing his gratefulness and appreciation. Especially towards Officer Mercado.

It was as if the pup knew the good officer had a soft spot for pups. Everyone at the station fell in love with Hobart and gave him an honorary K-9 title. 

Soon after, the pup got his wish. Officer Mercado decided to adopt him and give him a happy home. Now, little Hobart is living happily with his hero. He’s in a safe and loving environment that he truly deserves. 

Article Source: https://blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/florida-dog-injured/

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