Australia is famous for its various animals. Namely, kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, wombats, and a fair share of venomous reptiles that can kill in just a bite. And would you believe it if the place has more animals to offer to the animal kingdom?

It seems like the beautiful country of Australia has more wildlife than we can imagine. Recently, two new species of Greater Gliders have been discovered in Australia. And with that discovery, there are a total of three species of Greater Gliders in the smallest continent!

Before this discovery, there were only one species of Greater Gliders in Australia. That known animal was the Australian Greater Glider. The Australian Greater Glider can be found in their habitat, the treetops.

As their name suggests, this specific species can glide as high as 330 feet or 100 meters. Pretty high, right?

And with recent DNA testing, two new species of Greater Gliders have been discovered. A study researcher, Kara Youngentob, told The West Australian about the latest findings.

She said that the Greater Glider division into three species reduced the former widespread distribution of the original species, thus increasing conservation concern for them. She also added that the discovery highlights the lack of information about other Greater Glider species.

Another researcher, Denise McGregor, told the Guardian that there had been speculations of other Greater Gliders species for some time. And now there is proof of that with DNA.

And with the findings of this research, we learn that there are two new Greater Gliders species. The two new Greater Gliders species are called Petauroides minor and Petauroides armillatus, and the original is known as Petauroides Volans.

These awesome discoveries are fascinating! It only goes to show that there is a lot more to discover on our planet. Watch the video below.

Photo Credit to REDDIT/U/VEE-KAYY

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