There are heroes amongst us every day. One of those everyday heroes is a UPS delivery man by the name of Ryan Arens from Montana. Ryan does not only help deliver our packages in time and good condition, but he also saves animals.

One day, he was going about his usual route when he heard sounds of distress. Upon investigating further, he realized that it was a dog crying. He tried to find where the sound was coming from, but he couldn’t see anything. 

Ryan decided to drive around the other side of the pond to see if he could find the dog. That’s where he saw a dog fighting for its life. The dog was trapped in the icy waters 15 feet from the shore. 

At that moment, Ryan knew that the dog wouldn’t be able to survive on its own. Nearby, Ryan noticed an old man in a rowboat trying to brave the ice to save the dog. But Ryan couldn’t just stand by. He knew he needed to help. 

So, he stripped down to his boxes and decided to help the old man out of the boat. He then used the boat to go and save the dog. Unfortunately, the ice broke and the boat fell into the water. Ryan was wet and cold, but he didn’t stop until he reached the dog.

According to Ryan, the dog started to go under, so he reached out and grabbed it by the collar. He helped the dog swim to thicker ice and slid the dog across all the way to the shore. They were both finally safe. 

Bystanders saw what happened and they were waiting for Ryan and the dog on the shore with dry, warm blankets. Animal control and the sheriff’s department arrived to help the dog get medical attention.

As for Ryan, he received a cut to the leg and he was freezing but he decided to finish his route. He delivered 20 more packages that day. According to Ryan, saving that dog was the highlight of his 14-year UPS career. 

Ryan is extremely fond of animals, and he also has a dog of his own at home. After a few days, Ryan found out where the dog and his owner lived. He happened to have a package that was needed to be delivered to their address.

As soon as he walked up to the house, he saw the dog. Her name was Sadie. Sadie immediately recognized the man who saved her life and started freaking out. The dog ran to Ryan as fast as she could to thank him. 

What a beautiful story! Watch a video about it below from the amazing animal lovers at The Dodo.

Photo Credit to Ryan Arens/Facebook

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