The effects of war on a person’s physical and mental health can be severe. Going from a warzone back to regular civilian life is a pretty hard transition for veterans.

Sometimes veterans would feel isolated from the world. And one of the ways they can cope up with the loneliness is through companionship given by dogs. 

This was true for an Airforce veteran named Joshua. Joshua served in the Airforce in Afghanistan, and for him, transitioning back to a civilian lifestyle was very difficult. 

He suffered from nightmares and flashbacks that reminded him of the days during the war. And he had no other choice but to isolate himself from the world.

The Airforce veteran only felt comfortable around his furry companions, Momma and Panda. Their companionship helped and motivated Joshua to get through each day of his life. 

Joshua decided to move from Louisiana to California, but unfortunately, it would require a temporary separation from his two furry companions. Though he accepted the temporary separation between him and his dogs, it was still hard for him to say goodbye to both of them.

The nights without his dogs were cold and gloomy, and he missed walking his pups every morning. To him, they were the only ones who could not make him feel lonely. 

Panda and Momma also felt the same. Without their dad, the two dogs became depressed. They lost a significant amount of weight and barely ate anything. 

But thankfully, two months after their separation, they finally reunited again. With the help of Tia and Mariah Torres from Pitbulls and Parolees, the veteran and his dogs saw each other again.

Momma and Panda’s sadness was instantly replaced with joy as soon as they got reunited with their dad. The same could be said for Joshua. 

At first, Joshua was a bit nervous as he thought his dogs might not recognize him, but his guess was wrong. The two dogs’ tails began to wag as soon as they got reunited, and gave Joshua lots of kisses. 

Currently, the family is enjoying their new home in California. Watch their reunion below:

Photo Credit to Animal Planet/Youtube

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