Getting rid of pests, such as fleas, can be a nightmare. Not only can it amount to a hefty bill at the vet, but it can also be a serious danger to everyone living in your home. Our beloved pet cats can get all sorts of diseases from parasites like fleas and ticks that humans can also contract.

So, how can you stop a flea infestation? Today, we will share with you some of the best and most effective flea drops and treatments for cats. Check them out below.

Key Factors To Consider When Purchasing Flea Drops For Cats

  • Effectiveness – Is it truly effective? Do vets trust the brand? Are people saying good things about this product?
  • Longevity – How long does the product provide protection for your pet? Can you use it for a month? More than a month?
  • Price – Is it affordable? How does the price compare to other treatments?

Our Top Picks

Overall Top Pick: Cheristin for Cats Topical Flea Treatment – Effective Through 6 Weeks

The Cheristin for Cats Topical Flea Treatment made the top spot because it checks all the factors mentioned above. It is highly effective and begins killing fleas within thirty minutes of application. After twelve hours of application, 98-100% of the fleas in your pet’s body are already dead. 

One dosage is good for cats and kittens who are eight weeks and older, plus it lasts for up to six weeks. It also applies easily with the rounded topical applicator. 

Key Features

  • Topical flea treatment and prevention designed just for cats.
  • Long-lasting treatment protects against fleas through six weeks.
  • One-size-fits-all for all cats and kittens over 1.8 lbs and eight weeks old.
  • Rounded tip applicator for comfortable, easy application.
  • Starts killing fleas in only 30 minutes and kills 98-100% of fleas in twelve hours in a controlled study.

What others are saying about Cheristin for Cats Topical Flea Treatment

“Cheristin came highly recommended by an online cat community after I reached out for advise. My indoor cats had fleas for nearly 4 months. I tried Advantage ll for 2 months, back to back applications. After that didn’t work, I then switched to Revolution (which requires an RX). I later came to understand that the Florida fleas have built up a tolerance to it, and so that didn’t work either. Cheristin claims to have 1/2 the pesticide (much safer for pets) than other topical medications, so I was leery that it would work. After dosing all cats just once with the Cheristin and treating my entire apt. with Mycodex Plus Environmental Control (great stuff), the problem is FINALLY solved!

“After using Frontline and Advantage for years, they seemed to lose their effectiveness. We saw fleas on our cats, would treat with these other products, and see no decrease in fleas. So I switched to Cheristin, and it seems to work much better. It didn’t work immediately, but after the 2nd treatment, both cats were flea free.”

“We have a cat that has had skin problems for years. Excessive grooming and scratching, hair loss, bumpy bare patches of skin, vomiting up his food, etc… It turns out he is allergic to fleas, one bite and his skin goes bananas! Being an indoor/outdoor cat we need something that really works. This stuff works. Absolutely no issues. Now he is fat, happy and fluffy!!”

Best Budget-Friendly Pick: Adventure Plus Triple Flea Protection for Cats

For just over $20 you get four doses of the Adventure Plus Triple Flea Protection for Cats, which makes it our best budget-friendly pick. This treatment starts working on contact and is waterproof and effective – you can bathe your cat and not worry about the effects wearing down. Everything is manufactured and packaged in the United States and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Key Features:

  • Kills fleas on contact- Adventure Plus starts working minutes after application, stopping fleas before they bite.
  • Same effectiveness as Advantage II- uses the same amount of the same active ingredients.
  • Triple flea protection- effectively breaks the flea life cycle by killing the eggs, larvae and adult fleas.
  • Waterproof- remains effective following a bath, exposure to rain or sunlight, and even after playing in the pool.
  • Adventure Plus for Cats is manufactured in the USA and EPA registered.

What People Are Saying About Adventure Plus Triple Flea Protection:

“This worked well on most of my cats that were nine pounds or under. It did not work so well on my cat over 12 pounds.”

“It’s been a week now since I applied this to my cats and the results were amazing. Fleas started dropping dead off my cats within 30 minutes. One of my cats had a flea farm on him, it took a couple of days to get the fleas all out, but my kitties have been flea free so far! Advantage and Frontline never worked this well, my cats were infested 2 days after applying it, but the stuff works great, it’s been a week and still now fleas. I totally recommend this one.”

“I have 2 outdoor cats. I’ve been buying the Advantage for over 9 lb cats but decided to try this because of the lower cost. So far, it’s working just as well. The application isn’t as “fancy” but it’s just as easy to apply.”

Other Top Picks:

TevraPet Actispot II Flea Prevention & Treatment for Cats

The TevraPet Actispot II Flea Prevention and Treatment for cats is one of the best there is. It uses powerful ingredients to help kill fleas, flea eggs and larvae so they don’t get a chance to spread and grow. 

Each pack contains six doses of this treatment, which is good for one month. This means you will get up to six months of protection.

Key Features

  • Same powerful active ingredients as Advantage II, but costs much less.
  • Long-lasting protection.
  • Kills adult fleas and stops eggs, larvae, and pupae from becoming biting adults.
  • Actispot II kills fleas on contact, protecting your cat from flea-born disease.
  • Simply apply solution between your cats shoulder blades for durable, long lasting prevention that won’t wash off.

What others are saying about TevraPet Actispot II Flea Prevention and Treatment for cats

Long time Advantage II customer here, gave this a shot because it is more affordable. After a week on my cat I see no sign of fleas. I’ll update in 4 weeks if I see any resurgence.

We have used Advantage on our inside cats for years including 3 outside cats which are feral for the most part. This product is as good as Advantage and so much cheaper! We wanted to try the product for a full 30 days before we posted a review. Its works great on the inside and outside cats. Its nice to have a product that works as well as a name brand but for a lot less money.

“I have not had a flea problem for many years. This year, one of my dog’s brought home some fleas from a class we attended. Well fleas like rabbits breed quickly, in no time the other dog’s and the house kitties all had them. I bought the Tevra Pet Actispot II and within 24 hours all 5 cats are flea free. Would buy this product again in a heartbeat.”

Vectra Green For Large Cats Over Nine Pounds USA Version EPA Registered

The Vectra Green helps prevent infected fleas from transmitting serious diseases to your cats. It kills fleas of all ages instantly and helps prevent reoccurring infestations.

Key Features:

  • Vectra kills fleas within six hours.
  • Vectra kills on contact; fleas do not have to bite to die.
  • Vectra help protect against tularemia, rickettsiosis, bartonellosis and tapeworm.
  • Protects cats from all stages of fleas: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.
  • Safe for use on kittens over the age of eight weeks weighing over nine pounds.

What others are saying about Vectra Green

Six cats with fleas is not a happy life – I was literally sleeping outside because I was bit so much. Hundreds of dollars on exterminater, flea bombs, ineffective flea collars, laundromats, and vacuum cleaner bags later and I’m sold on Vectra. Wished we had known about this stuff earlier. Been 16 months since we started using and we are flea free.

“This is the best flea medicine out there. My cat is 100 times healthier then what she was. She is very allergic to fleas. She can finally feel comfortable laying on her back and keep her hair. I really thought I would have to put her to sleep from how sickly she looked. This product saved my cat’s life and for that I am very thankful.”

This product was recommended by a fall from the humane society. It was extremely simple to apply to our cats, especially when compared to the product purchased from our vet. It seemed a little more sticky but that is minor as long as it works. No adverse reactions from our cats.

CrossBlock II Flea Preventative for Cats 5-9 Lbs. (3-Pack)

The CrossBlock II Flea Preventative for Cats features the same protection as many more expensive brands but is about half the cost! Many people find it an affordable, effective method of flea prevention and control.

Key Features:

  • Prevents further flea infestation.
  • Great for cats and kittens 6 weeks or older.
  • Contains three doses and each dose lasts for up to one month.

What others are saying about CrossBlock II Flea Preventative for Cats

I’ve always been an Advantage user and it works. But after rescuing another kitten, we are up to 4 cats and one dog. The cats are strictly indoors but we have an escape artist and of course the dog has to go outside so we treat everyone to make sure they stay flea free. Used this in trying to cut cost with new addition and after two months still not a single flea in the middle of flea season! Definitely will buy again as you get the same protection at half the price!!

It worked day one on my older cat and by the next day only 3 or 4 fleas were left on him. Day three, he was completely flea free. I was worried it would make him sick like another brand I used did to him, but he was okay. I will use it again next year before he gets infested.

This product works for my two cats. I was using a different brand before, one that costed a lot of money from my local vet, but switched because of the cost. Not only does this product work just as well, it seems to work better! My cats don’t scratch or itch themselves as quickly as they used to. It also doesn’t have a sticky residue like the previous one I was using.

PetArmor Plus For Cats 3 Month Application 2-count

This flea protection from PetArmor Plus provides up to three months protection from fleas and ticks. It kills pests instantly right after application and prevents fleas from coming back.

Key Features:

  • Fast acting.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Waterproof.
  • Up to three months protection.

What others are saying about PetArmor Plus

I live in the hot southeast of Texas. Fleas are everywhere. I have indoor cats but have had two bouts of fleas. There are five cats. I have tried the expensive counterparts from the vet only to be told by the vet that sometimes they don’t work. Wow…really? So, I tried Pet Armor plus twice now and both times it was effective and did exactly what it said it would do within 24 hours. I am flea free again for the second time in two years. I will always use this product if I run into a problem with fleas.

This product is very easy to apply. I have six cats, and they all let me apply it very easily. They did seem to get an upset stomach the first couple of days after application, but other reviewers have stated that that may be a normal reaction to the medicine. Overall, this seems to have taken care of my flea problem and I will definitely use it at the end of 30 days just to make sure.

“Brought a cute stray kitten into our home, covered in fleas (and ear mites). After about five days of combing out gobs of fleas every day, got this from Amazon, applied to back of neck, and next day and thereafter I could not find another live flea. Plan to use monthly during flea season.”

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