How often do you give your cats a bath?

Not too often, dare we say? And you are not alone!

Bath time for cats is a VERY rare occurrence in most cat households and we can’t blame any cat parent for that!

Cats tend to run away or hide at the mere mention of the word “bath”. They hear the water running, and they too, run for the hills. Or at least, whatever laundry basket or box they can find!

Simply put, cats do not like water and that is just their nature. Most of us cat owners just buy grooming kits that are a great alternative to baths. There are dry shampoos, lotions, powders, and more.

These are great alternatives for grooming your cats, keep their coats and skins healthy when they don’t want a bath.

In most cases, cats become stressed at the contact of water. In these cases, waterless grooming is a great option.

But Have You Ever Wondered Why Cats Hate Water?

Well, according to research, cats can do well grooming themselves. You might notice the constant licking of their own paws and coats. This in itself is good grooming for cats.

As a result of their constant licking, oil buildup on the cat’s skin is stopped. This makes their coat fluffier and less waterproof than those of a dog.

In return, our pet cats get colder when they get wet. Additionally, their fur also feels heavier. You can just imagine how uncomfortable that is for a cat. Just think of it like getting all of your clothes wet on a heavy rainy day!

Not All Cats Hate Water

With that said, it is also great to know that not all cats hate water. Some breeds, especially the Turkish Van and Bengal cats love the water. Some even like to go and have a little swim.

So, if you are someone who loves water adventures, it is great to get either of those breeds mentioned above. This way, you can include your cats and take them on your adventures in the water!

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