It’s one of the most common questions people have about dogs Why do dogs eat grass?

Dogs Will Eat Anything

As dog owners, we’re constantly concerned with what our dogs eat. It’s why we are always on the lookout for the best dog food we can buy for our beloved pets. But no matter how well fed our canine kiddos are, we also know that dogs like to  and will  eat everything!

From the really healthy stuff such as carrots, apples and watermelon, to the downright scary such as sticks, bugs and grass. If they can put it in their mouth, you can rest assure that dogs will eat it!

But Eating Grass? Gross But Is It Dangerous For Dogs?

So, why do dogs eat grass? Grass is not exactly appetizing. And it surely does not smell like dog food (at least to use humans). But for dogs it seems like grass is their most preferred outdoor meal.

Personally, I wasn’t aware of this so you can imagine my horror and shock when I saw my dogs eat grass for the first time. It was terrifying and I thought that I had to rush them to the nearest vet!

What I learned from this experience was that there wasn’t anything wrong with my dogs. Dogs just like eating grass.

why do dogs eat grass
Dogs getting the good stuff. Credit: Noel Lopez Unsplash

Fortunately, this habit of eating grass is not dangerous as I initially thought it was. There was no need for me to panic It’s just a common thing for all dogs no matter what their size or breed. According to veterinarians, this is normal dog behavior.

Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass

As to the answer the question why dogs eat grass?

Well, no one knows 100% for sure why they do it. But there are a lot of reasons that people think dogs do it.

Some say that dogs eat grass when they aren’t feeling all too well to make themselves vomit.

Other suggests dogs eat grass to help improve their digestion.

Yet still others claim that eating grass can help treat intestinal problems such as worms. There are also some studies that say dogs eat grass to meet nutritional needs such as lack of fiber.

And yet another camp suggests there’s no health reasons why dogs eat it? it’s just that dogs simply like the way grass tastes.

So the next time you catch your dogs eating grass, do not be too alarmed! Dogs will be dogs, and as long as they do not get sick after, everything should be just fine.

Photo Credit: Noel Lopez Unsplash

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