Best Pet Insurance Plans

Trying to find the best pet insurance plan for your pet? Worried that your pets breed, age or hereditary or chronic condition will greatly impact your cost? What if we told you this was all available regardless of your pets breed, age or conditions for one low monthly payment that covers up to 90% of vet bills, including covering exam fees and a comprehensive dental plan. In addition, what if this plans benefits included keeping your current vet, no sign-up fees, picking payment dates, virtual vet consultation coverage, reimbursement of boarding fees should your pet become hospitalized and up to a 30% credit for keeping your pet healthy!

Too good to be true? No, we’d like to introduce you to Petplan – the world’s largest pet insurance provider. The company has been featured by CNN, Forbes, CNBC, WSJ, AARP and more! Petplan offers the most comprehensive pet insurance coverage in one simple plan, covering up to 90% of vet bills ranging from unexpected injuries and illnesses, including viruses like COVID-19. To learn more about pricing today, click on the yes button below!

What Pet Parents Are Saying About Petplan

I’ve had Petplan for several years now, and it has really paid for itself with my diabetic Labrador Retriever. Just a couple of weeks ago, she got sick with pancreatitis and was hospitalized for over a week. The bills were over $5,000…Petplan was very understanding and considerate during this difficult time and took care of everything easily.

Michael B.