Oh, the love and joy dogs bring into our lives. From the moment we bring them home, to every waking moment we spend with them, it is crazy how much happiness we feel. But have you ever wondered how your dogs feel?

Our furry little friends cannot speak, so it can be a little tough to know what’s going on in those heads of theirs! What they feel, on the other hand, is pretty obvious based on their actions. Here are some telltale signs that your dogs love you.

They wag their tail when you’re around

Okay, this one is obvious, and we all know it. Tail wagging is a sign of your dog’s affection towards you. This is also a sign that your dog is relaxed and comfortable around you.

They love to snuggle with you

Dogs love snuggles – they probably love it even more than we humans do. They love to snuggle while you watch TV, while you are reading a book, or sleeping. When your dogs curl up beside you, it means that you and your dog have a pretty good relationship.

They make eye contact

Looking into the eyes of a dog can be very therapeutic as we discussed in this article. Those big, expressive eyes can tell you a lot about what your dogs feel. When you find your dogs staring or making eye contact with you, it is a sign of their love and respect.

They give you a big welcome every single time

It doesn’t matter if you have taken a quick 20-minute trip to the grocery store or a 20-day trip across the world, once you get home, your dog makes a big deal out of it. Your dogs freaking out every time you come home is sign of their enthusiasm and love.

They steal your clothes

Have you ever found your dogs stealing your clothes and you have to chase them up and down the hallways just to get them back? We, as humans, might find this annoying at times, especially when they chew through your favorite clothes. But according to studies, this is a sign that your dogs adore you. They smell your scent on these clothes and they hang on to that smell.

How do your dogs let you know that they love you fully and unconditionally? Let us know in the comment section below!

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