What’s better than the smell of fresh-baked bread straight out of the oven?

Well, whether it’s fresh-baked or store-bought, pretty much every home has bread. And who doesn’t love bread in one form or another, right?!

Even our dogs love it! But the more important question is, can dogs eat bread? Is this human food safe for them to eat?

Can Dogs Eat Bread?

Generally speaking, plain white bread and wheat bread are safe for our dogs to consume. As long as it is done in moderation and not as a part of their regular diet, there is no harm in giving bread to your dogs.

However, it is still important to note that bread contains different ingredients such as eggs, flour, milk, wheat, and etc. If your dog has any allergies or other medical conditions, it is still best to be safe and talk with your vet first before feeding your dog bread.

Bread Is Mostly a Filler Food

Bread is just a filler food, so it doesn’t really provide any nutritional value to your beloved dog’s health. Again, it is good as a treat every now and then just to give your pup something to munch on. Plain white bread is not toxic, so it is still safe for your dogs.

Cautions About Feeding Bread To Your Dogs

Just remember, bread is full of carbs, and if your dog is already on the verge of obesity, it is best to stay away from best altogether. Additionally, there are different types of bread that could also be dangerous to your pet.

For instance, if you are making your bread at home from scratch, keep your dogs away from the dough. Bread dough is dangerous for dogs. The yeast in the dough distends your dog’s stomach as it continues to rise. This releases toxic levels of ethanol into your dog’s bloodstream and can cause alcohol toxicosis.

If you suspect that your dog has stolen some bread though, it is best to call your vet immediately. You should also look for symptoms of alcohol toxicosis such as weakness, hypothermia, seizures, depressions, unsteady, and coma.

Don’t Feed Dogs Bread With Raisins (Or Garlic or Nuts) In It!!

So, whenever you are baking, it is best to keep your dogs out of the room. There are also other bread ingredients that are toxic for your dogs. The most threatening of all is raisins.

Raisins are often found in bread and other baked goods. They are highly toxic for dogs and should not be fed to them. Another toxic ingredient is garlic. It can cause serious side effects for your dog’s health like diarrhea, weakness, and poisoning.

Some nuts and seeds are also problematic for dogs. Macadamia and other nuts can cause stomach upset and pancreatitis.

Bread with artificial sweeteners such as Xylitol is also dangerous for your dogs. Be careful, Xylitol can also be found in different brands of peanut butter, jams, and other baked goods.

So, to be safe, stick with plain white bread. But to keep your pets safe and healthy, remember the keyword: moderation!

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