If there is one thing I know about dogs, it is that they will eat anything and any food. Even if we tell them not to (or at least that is how my dogs act!). 

No matter how much I beg and plead with them not to eat a certain food, they simply will not listen and do what they want. So the best thing we can do is to keep our foods out of their reach. Especially the ones that they should not eat and could be harmful to them. 

Can Dogs Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Some good foods for us may not be good foods for our dogs. So we must learn which foods are good for them or and which are not. 

So what about Brussel sprouts? Are they good for dogs? Or is this something that we should not feed them? In this article, we will find out if Brussel sprouts are a safe food for dogs or if they are a no-no food. 

So what exactly are Brussel sprouts? Brussels sprouts are a vegetable that is high in nutrients such as Vitamin K, C, A, and many more that we will discuss later. 

So can dogs eat Brussel sprouts? The answer to that is yes. They are healthy foods for our dogs. 

However, give them only small amounts since that is enough to give them the health benefits of this vegetable. 

Health Benefits of Brussel Sprouts

Like what was said earlier, Brussels sprouts contain lots of nutrients like Vitamin K, C, A, Iron, Potassium, and Fiber. 

Vitamin K and Vitamin C are good nutrients for strengthening our dogs’ bones as well as their immune system. Vitamin A is good for our doggy’s vision, nervous system, as well as other organs’ functionality like the heart and lungs. 

Brussels sprouts are also rich in vitamin B1 and B6 which promote proper blood circulation. They are also rich in Vitamin E which is an antioxidant. 

Aside from Vitamins, Brussels sprouts are also packed with minerals like manganese which helps in digesting protein and amino acids. The vegetable also has high amounts of potassium which helps to promote healthy function of muscles, enzymes, and nerves, as well as maintaining proper fluid balance. 

Brussels sprouts also have an antioxidant called Kaempferol. 

However, feeding too many Brussels sprouts to our dogs can cause bloating and diarrhea. Plus, with its fiber, if served in the right amount, it can make your dog gassy. 

How To Prepare Brussel Sprouts For Your Doggo

So how many Brussel sprouts should we feed our dogs and how do we prepare them first? 

The first thing we must do is remove the stem of the vegetable. After that, slice the Brussels sprouts in half. 

Then put the Brussel sprouts in the pan with water and boil them. Not only will heating them kill the bacteria, but it will also make them softer which is better for your dog/s. 

As for how many sprouts can we feed our dogs, it is suggested to feed only 1-3 sprouts per dog depending on their size.

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