We all know dogs will eat just about anything. But there are foods they should avoid. Foods that can make them sick, unhealthy or worse.

But what about cat food? Can dogs eat cat food? That’s the question we’ll be looking at in this article.

Dogs Love Eating 

Whenever we eat, our will sit near us with their mouths open as if saying they want a piece of it too. When it is time for feeding they may start tail wagging, barking and just being generally excited. 

And like I said, they want to eat everything we eat. However, not everything we humans eat is good for them. That is because our bodies function differently from them. And the same could be said with other animals.

So naturally, a dog’s diet is different from another animal’s, like a cat for example. While these popular pets do have quite a bit in common, is that true when it comes to food? 

Stores sell cat food for cats, and dog foods for dogs. But how different are they really? 

Can a dog eat cat food? Will it be harmful to them? Or will it be beneficial and is it healthy? Maybe both, but with one outweighing the other?

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

The answer to this question is a definite no. You do not want to start feeding your dog cat food on a regular basis. If they eat some cat food on rare occasions, then there should not be any issue. But it should not be a big part of their diet.

Just like what we have said earlier, every animal’s dietary needs are different. Cats are naturally carnivores. A healthy, well-balanced diet for a cat consists mainly of meat. This means that cats have greater protein and fat requirements than dogs.

Cats require 11 types of essential amino acids in their diet. On the other hand, dogs only require 10. The additional essential amino acid that a cat requires is called taurine. 

As for dogs, they are omnivores. Their regular diet needs to be a mix of both animal-based and plant-based ingredients. 

Problems With Feeding Cat Food To Dogs

Because cat food doesn’t give them the mix they need, it’s not a good diet for dogs. If a dog eats too much cat food, it may result in gastrointestinal upset, sickness, and diarrhea. This is more likely to happen if the dog’s stomach is sensitive. 

To add to that, regularly feeding your dog with cat food increases the risk of obesity and the potential illnesses that come with it. 

The risk of developing potentially life-threatening pancreatitis is also higher. Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas, which is an organ that aids the digestive process. 

That said, in some cases, cat food may be good for dogs. This could be true if your dog has cancer or other conditions such as weight loss and muscle wasting. But do not do this without consulting with your vet first.

The Bottom Line

So having said all this, we can boil it down for you here.

Cat food is not toxic for dogs. It just has different nutrients that are not ideal for dogs. So your best bet for your dog is to stick to dog food. That’s the healthiest option for them.

How about human foods? To find out what humans foods are healthy for dogs and which are not, check out this article.

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