Cucumbers are a versatile, yummy, and highly nutritious food for humans. We love them in salads, on sandwiches and prepared all sorts of other ways as well.

Naturally, we would assume that something as incredibly nutritious and versatile as cucumber is safe for our dogs. But we know what happens when we assume, right? Well, let’s take a look at the question “can dogs eat cucumbers?”

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?

This vegetable is great for humans and, yes, it is safe for our beloved pooches to eat cucumbers.

In fact, cucumbers are recommended healthier alternatives to conventional dog treats. These green vegetables are a great way to help your pet cool down, especially since it’s made from 96% water.

It’s particularly a great treat in the summer. A good trick is to slice the cucumbers into small pieces then store them in the fridge to cool for at least half an hour before giving them to your pets.

Cucumbers are a good treat for dogs that are low in calories, sodium, and fat. We also found that dogs love cucumbers because it gives a certain crunch for every bite. Compared to other treats in the market, cucumber is relatively healthier.

We highly recommend slicing the cucumbers depending on your dog’s size. Slicing it too large can result in choking. As with any treat, we also recommend feeding cucumbers to your beloved pooches in a moderate amount. Too much of anything can lead to a lot of health issues. In this case, it can cause gastrointestinal upset for your dogs.

It is also wise to feed your dogs cucumber little by little amounts if this is their first time trying it. Other than choking and overeating, there are no other problems in feeding your dogs cucumbers. Most dogs love it! In fact, there are plenty of videos online that have gone viral with dogs eating cucumbers.

Lastly, if you are unsure of your dog’s medical history or worried whether cucumber will cause an allergic reaction, you can always give your veterinarian a call.

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