When it comes to mushrooms, it’s a food that even many people don’t like to eat (guilty as charged!). But some dogs, if given the chance would pop down a mushroom or two.

But is this safe for them? Can dogs eat mushrooms?

Let’s take a look so you have the facts when it comes to feeding mushrooms to your doggo.

Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms?

Well, this is a tricky question for several reasons. First, there are thousands of mushroom species all around the world. And around 100 of them are poisonous – not just to our household pets – but to us humans as well.

Second, mushrooms are a little bit complicated than most food groups and can cause some health problems if not properly foraged.

Dogs and Wild Mushrooms

So, the best way to answer the question is to paint a picture for you…

… If you are out in the woods hiking with your dog and your dog stumbles upon a wild mushroom and eats it, this is a cause for concern. After all, you do not know what type of mushroom it was, and what kind of toxins may or may not be in it.

The best thing to do at this point is to contact your vet immediately. You can also contact the animal poison control center or an emergency veterinary hospital where you can immediately bring your dog in for a check-up.

Also, if possible, it’s best to take a piece of plastic and pick up some of the mushrooms your dog just ate so you can have a sample for the vets if they need one. Once you bring your dog in for a checkup, the vets will do several tests and treatments for the mushroom poisoning. The treatment depends on what type of wild mushroom your dog ate.

In case your dog accidentally ate a wild mushroom, you should watch out for signs of mushroom poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea, ataxia or staggering gait, lethargy, weakness, salivation, seizure, abdominal pain, jaundice, or worse, your dog could get into coma or death. Eating wild mushrooms can also cause liver failure in dogs.

Also, if you frequently go places with your dog where they may come across wild mushrooms, it’s ideal to learn about the different types of wild mushrooms so you can better tell which are poisonous for your dog and which are not.

Store Bought Mushrooms

On the other hand, store-bought mushrooms are generally safe for dogs and humans to eat. However, it is best to feed them store-bought mushrooms in moderation. Remember to give it to them little by little to make sure it doesn’t cause any negative reaction to your pets.

If you are still worried, that is understandable. In this case, you should just avoid feeding mushrooms to your pet altogether, or give your vet a call before giving store-bought mushrooms to your pet.

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