Olives are an underrated food, in my opinion. They’re tasty and pack a lot of healthy goodness in a small package. 

At least for humans. But what about dogs? Are olives safe for dogs?

As you probably know, we have to be careful about what “human” foods we feed our dogs (or let our dogs steal from our tables, counters, floors, etc.). Because some foods that may be just fine for us are not healthy for them. 

Where do olives fall in the scheme of things. Can dogs eat olives? Let’s find out!

Can Dogs Eat Olives?

The answer to that is yes. Dogs are allowed to eat olives. But, of course, there are some limitations. 

Olives have enough healthy nutrients for them to be healthy for dogs. They are rich in vitamin A, E, and K, good fats, protein, and calcium. 

The healthy fats found in olives can help your dog in a number of ways. They can help lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure, as well as reduce inflammation. And this can help prevent illnesses that are age-related such as arthritis. 

But aside from that, olives can also improve your dog’s appearance. For example, they can help make your dog’s coat and skin healthy. And it also promotes weight loss. 

The olives’ vitamin A can help in promoting good vision as well as improving the immune system. The vitamin E in olives also help in fighting eye and muscle degeneration. 

Lastly, being rich in calcium, olives are great for dogs who are lactose intolerant as it can prove to be an alternative to dairy products. 

Caution Before Giving Your Dog Olives To Eat

However, before you feed them to your dogs, there are some things you need to watch out for. 

First, and most important, never feed your dogs the seeds of olives. And do not feed them whole olives. The seeds are hard for dogs to bite through and pose a choking hazard. 

Also, it’s best to just feed them only small amounts. Because, despite their health benefits, olives are high in sodium. And too much sodium is not healthy for your dog.

And lastly, do not feed them olives that are mixed with preservatives and spices like garlic. These things can be downright toxic to your dog. 

About Olives

I always thought olives were a kind of vegetable. Probably because I mostly think of them being in salads. 

However, it turns out they are not vegetables. They are a type of fruit.

Olives belong to a group of fruits called drupes. Drupes or also known as stone fruits include mangoes, cherries, peaches, and almonds. They are rich in healthy fats, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Green olives are unripe while black olives are ripe. Green olives are often used in salads while black olives are often used in salads as well as pizza toppings.

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