As fur parents, we all know that our dogs can feel emotions. They can feel happiness, love, sadness and fear. So when our dogs feel deeply sad, most of us can see a few tears in their eyes. 

But are these real, emotional tears? Or are they caused by something more than just emotions? Because of their compassionate nature, it is easy to assume that our dogs cry real tears. 

However, tears in our dogs’ eyes may not be caused by their emotions. They do have tear ducts, but there is no scientific evidence that proves our beloved dogs – or any other animal – actually produce tears as a response to what they are feeling. 

So, if you see your dogs tearing up or some traces of fluid beneath their tear ducts, you may want to skip the tissues and start noting what could be the cause. Here are a few reasons why your dog could be tearing up:

  • Allergies – your dog may have allergies if you notice tears coming from his tear ducts. He could be having an allergic reaction. In this case, it is best to call your vet to see if your dog could possibly have an allergy to something he was exposed to. There are many allergens for dogs such as smoke, pollen, different food ingredients, dust, etc.
  • A blocked tear duct – another possible cause could be a blocked tear duct. This will cause your dog’s eyes to be damp and irritated.
  • Infections – if the tear duct is wet, check to see if your dog’s eyes are swollen and the fluid is yellowish in color or bloody. This could be a symptom of an eye infection.
  • Scratched cornea – most of the time, active dogs can scratch their cornea. It is one of the most common reasons for a wet tear duct. Symptoms may include pawing at their eyes, blinking more than usual, and inflammation around the eyes.

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