Let’s be honest here. When our dogs bark too much or bark too loudly, many of us get annoyed.  

This is especially true when there is no obvious reason why our dogs are barking. 

So you get tired of them barking. You neighbors get tired of the barking. But do dogs get tired of barking?

Well, that’s the question we’re going to look at below.

Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking?

Well, it depends on who you ask. Some people say yes and some say no. 

First, let’s look at those who say dogs don’t get tired of it. They say there are two reasons a dog will stop barking. One is if the cause of the barking is gone. The second is if you train your dog to follow your commands. 

Not only that, but those in the “no” camp say that dogs do not outgrow barking. And instead, it can even get worse as they age, especially if their barking is positively reinforced. 

On the other hand, some people say that over time, a dog will get tired of barking. These people say that barking too much can make them physically and even mentally tired. Especially if you are ignoring them. 

However, even when a dog is mentally exhausted from too much barking, that does not mean that the barking itself makes them feel tired. 

Tips To Get Your Dog To Bark Less

However, whether your dog gets tired of barking or not, there are solutions as to how to lessen its barking. 

One of the ways to help stop them from barking too much is to first know what exactly causes them to bark. There are many reasons why your dog barks a lot (and we’ll get to that later). 

If you have figured out the cause of your dog’s barking then, if possible, give it what it wants/needs. 

Scolding or shouting at your doggo doesn’t really work. In fact, it could even make them bark more. 

So instead, try giving it what it wants/needs. Or if you do not have it, try to redirect their attention to something else. Or you can reward them with a treat if they stop.  

Sometimes dogs just bark because they’re looking for your attention. In this case you try to ignore your dog until it stops. Then wait 2-3 seconds before giving it your attention again. Or, you can just give it the attention it wants. 

Of course, we recommend the latter option. It’s much better in the long run. 

One other option, especially if your dog is young and/or trainable, is to train them to obey you when you say “quiet”. 

Why Do Dogs Bark So Much?

But why exactly do your dogs bark a lot? Well, there are a couple of reasons why. 

Firstly, barking is the way a dog communicates with a person, and other dogs. It may be because they are excited to see you again or something is threatening them nearby. It is best to know the tone of your dog’s bark to see if they are happy or threatened. 

Another reason why, as we’ve already mentioned, is because they just want your attention. If you can make time to give them just that, then do it. It can help lessen the barking problem.

One more reason why a dog barks a lot is that they may have separation anxiety. Our dogs get so close to us, and maybe they just don’t want us to leave. Or they are not comfortable being left alone. And, if that’s the case, can you really blame them for barking?!

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