The odor of anal glands is one of the nastier smells out there in dogland. If your pet is constantly scooting or leaking gland juice they may need some attention in the hind end.

These glands can also become infected and be extremely painful. The anal glands are a common source of discomfort for some pets.

Having them “expressed” may be helpful to relieving your pet’s discomfort. But some animals have chronic troubles because they:

  • do not eat enough fiber
  • have an anatomic issue near the gland, or
  • are producing more anal gland material due to allergic stimulation in the environment or from their food.

Talk with your vet about ideas to help make your pet (and you) more comfortable.

Many owners wish that these could just be removed and then not fool with them any longer.

While removal is possible surgically, there are many potentially serious complications in addition to the fact that this can be fairly painful initially.

Sometimes surgery is a necessary consideration and there should be a serious discussion with your veterinarian of the pros and cons this type of intervention may carry.

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