We have heard of tragic stories about infants left on the stairs of orphanages in boxes. And we have heard of dogs abandoned on streets. But leaving a dog inside a box that’s been completely taped all over is something else.

Unfortunately, that’s just what happened at the San Jose Animal Care Center when they received a mysterious box. Now, this doesn’t normally happen at the center unless someone is leaving a donation of food or other items.

But this box was different. According to the staff, the box had a horrible smell from the beginning. And when they started to remove the tape sealing the box shut, they discovered a severely matted and terrified dog.

It’s a horrifying scene to imagine. And we can only imagine the heartache and fear the dog must have been feeling. It was clear from the get go that this poor dog had suffered from severe neglect. What was even more horrifying is the fact that there was an open wound on the dog’s left shoulder, and it was oozing a thick liquid.

The poor little dog couldn’t barely move around on her own because she had been stuck in the box. Her fur was in horrible shape too? filled with dirt, fleas and feces.

It’s just unimaginable to us that someone could neglect a beautiful, loving creature so much to the point where she couldn’t move.

Needless to say, this dog was in bad shape. And the staff at the animal care center did everything they could to help the poor dog who has obviously been wronged her whole life.

Fortunately, the staff was successful in their mission of rehabilitating this dog and giving her better life. She is now rehabbed and was given the name Pandora in honor of the Greek myth of Pandora’s Box.

Now, admittedly, we have held back a bit on Pandora’s story here. There’s more that’s worth sharing and you can check out more on Pandora’s journey in the video below. We can promise you that it is full of ups and downs with an ending that you might not expect.

So, prepare your tissues and keep your little fur babies close we have a feeling that you will want someone to cuddle with after this emotional roller coaster ride!

Photo Credit: screenshot from Youtube/Tails of a Shelter Vet

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