Does your pet have red itchy skin? This is a common problem that is usually caused by several factors working together.

Firstly, you should check if they have fleas. No? Does any other pet in the house have fleas? It even happens to clean houses.

These bugs can be super itchy to one pet while others don’t seem bothered by them. Look at your pet’s skin down by where the hair comes out, especially near the base of the tail. This is the favorite hangout for a flea.

If you don’t see fleas but there is dark debris down near the junction of the skin and hair, then be suspicious there is a flea somewhere nearby.

If the rash is bad or your pet is super itchy and it is getting worse. Don’t put it off, head into your vet. There are a few tricky problems but the vast majority of rashes are a combination of allergies coupled with bacteria and yeast imbalances.

These things are easier to get on top of if they are seen before they become a big nasty sore. Many pets will have numerous episodes of this throughout their lives and others will be chronically itchy with scabs.

If your pet is chronically itchy then you should be aware that this is something that is difficult to cure with a single visit to the vet and these pets can become frequently visitors to the clinic for their itching.

Be wary of anyone who claims to be able to cure this easily or cheaply. Keeping a log of your pets symptoms, anything you may be doing to help and how it is working will be helpful in finding ways to make this problem less of a problem for your pet.

Reading each journal entry to your vet will not be helpful but a summary of general trends or lack of trends will help them decide which path to try next.

There are certain breeds that are particularly prone to skin difficulties and if you have one of these pets, then you should know you are not alone.

This is a frustrating problem for owners and veterinarians alike. There are numerous tactics that you may have to try before you find the one that works best for your special friend.

There are occasions where rashes, hair loss or itchiness is not caused by allergies and these are more unusual problems but your vet will have some tests that may help get at these less common causes for itching.

Some of these will take several days to get back, while others will be easy to do while you wait.

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