The pitbull Gabriel once lived a very disturbing life, with all things stacked against him. To begin with, he was born with a severe congenital deformity, and not only that but he was also owned by a breeder who never cared about him. 

At four weeks old, Gabriel was sold to an owner that did not offer him the support that he needed. Knowing that the disabled pitbull was not as tough and meant as he thought he would be, he surrendered the poor dog to Heather and Kat Marchant.

From there on, Gabriel was welcomed into the Pibble’s Plantation. The poor pittie suffered a serious case of Swimmer Syndrome, a congenital disability that causes his back legs to splay out behind him. Though the disability could be fixed if caught young through the help of intensive physical therapy. 

Heather and Kat were aware of the therapy that can help the puppy as they were also fostering two Pitbulls who were suffering from the same deformity. Two weeks before Gabriel arrived, the Pitbulls  Uriel and Samiel started living on the plantation. 

All three pups needed supervision, as all of them could not stand at all. Thankfully, Heather and Kat were always there to provide every support that the three pitties needed. The two set up physical therapy areas around their home to strengthen the legs of these disabled Pitbulls. 

The first thing the puppies needed to do was to strengthen their front legs for them to be able to sit up on their own. Their front legs were also weak and most of the time they were laying on their bellies. Because of that, they had a hard time eating, moving, and doing other normal puppy activities.

With a simple exercise, the puppies were able to improve their front legs within just a month. In just three months, all three of them could stand on all fours. But just as it seems that all things went well, there was one setback for Gabriel.

After noticing that Gabriel was limping, they brought him to a vet where he had an x-ray. They found out that there was a defect within his elbow in one of his front legs, and it would only cause him pain if not treated. There were no other options left but to amputate that leg. 

But even though he went through surgery, days later, he was already running fast! Once he recovered from his amputation, he was ready for adoption. 

Later on, he finally found his forever home with his new owners, Terri and Anne. Anne can relate to the struggles that Gabriel is experiencing as she herself has multiple sclerosis. 

Gabriel has settled in nicely in his new home and continues in having therapy that helps him strengthen his legs. 

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