Oh, cats are funny, cute, cuddly, weird, and just incredibly lovable (when they want to be)! But sometimes, cats like to surprise us with unexpected matters such as pregnancy.

Whether you are a cat owner who is looking to be a cat breeder or you have an outdoor cat who just came home pregnant one day, many cat owners want to know how long a cat’s pregnancy lasts.

How Long Are Cats Pregnant?

So, how long does a cat’s pregnancy last? A cat’s gestation period lasts for around 58 to 72 days or, about 9 weeks. Now, we are a big believer in spaying and neutering your pets for their health and safety. However, cats do get pregnant and this article is about that. So let’s look at the five stages of a cat’s pregnancy.

The Stages of a Cat’s Pregnancy

The first stage is fertilization. Cats can go into heat as early as 6 months of age. It is during this period when they are in heat that they can breed successfully and have their eggs fertilized by a male cat.

The next is the early stage of a cat’s pregnancy period where they experience morning sickness (similar to what humans can experience in their first trimester). This stage can be seen during the first two weeks of a cat’s pregnancy. You will notice your cat eating less during this period.

After the first two weeks, your cat will regain its appetite and start gaining weight. By this time, you will also feel the lumps in her stomach. The middle stage of a cat’s pregnancy is when she gains the most weight. Your cat will continue to grow bigger depending on how many kittens she’s having.

how long are cats pregnant

Your cat will go into the pre-labor stage about a week before she gives birth. You will notice her nipples become very visible and may even see some milk drops. At this point, your cat will start looking for warm places to give birth. You can give her some help by offering warm boxes to sleep in.

You will know when your cat is going through labor – the final stage of a cat’s pregnancy. She will start licking her genitals and make noises like a woman in labor. You can expect your cat to give birth within the hour after her labor period starts. She will then give birth to one kitten every 15 to 20 minutes until each one of her kittens is born.

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