Knowing how much to feed your dog is more important than any other aspect of choosing a food.

You must know your dog’s weight to know how much to feed. Just like people, a big dog should eat more food than a smaller dog. So start with the question how much does your dog weigh?

Good! Now on to what you all really want to know…

What should I feed my dog?

As with all aspects of information – there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that you have a lot of variety in this arena. The bad news is that can make simple decisions more complicated.

Whether you buy dry dog food by a big name company or very expensive boutique style diets, you should make sure that someone has studied if a dog can survive on this pet food. There should be a label indicating an “AFFCO” approval.

Most commercial brands will have this somewhere on the bag or packaging. If your dog does not have a medical condition that you and your health team have discussed, then most decisions will be fine as long as you pick a food that fits your dog’s age and size.

Once you have picked a food, look on the package and see how much you should feed your dog based on their weight. Then measure carefully the amount of food they should have each day.

This is a starting point?it is important to realize that there is a small amount of variation in individual metabolisms. You must also account for any other calories going into your pet’s body from treats or snacks or toys like rawhides.

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